“Real-time” Events Troubleshooting: Thinking on Your Feet

Events are when there is a gathering of people in celebration of something thus it can be in a small group or even in a crowd. Once in a while, there are certain events that are held in our places whether it may be a small gathering of relatives, a beer festival or even a funded concert and sometimes we get to be one of the organizers.

That is why the success of the said event can be determined of how well the organizer(s) are managing the whole event in some problems, good communication with the labour force and even the smooth flow of the program.

Whenever there is an event, it is already expected that some things might become problems thus; proper planning and contingency plans are made in order that each problem can be solved easily when it comes.

In many events, certain problems pop up in any time such as problems in audio devices, instrument troubles, guests and speakers are delayed, the program flows interrupted, riot, accidents and many more thus this should be taken into consideration.

For a planner and organizer of the said event, it puts the person into blame as to the success or the failure of such events, therefore, you can say that is really difficult, stressful and at times frustrating.

What you really need is to maintain that smooth pace of the program until it ends thus there are tips that you could do to solve such problems.

Giving them ample time to plan for contingency plans, stage set-up and many others should be done.

Tips in Solving Event Issues during the event

In every situational problem that the organizer of the event management might be in, the first thing to do is to calm down.

Nothing good will happen if you start to panic yourself and also if your people see you out of control then this might also affect your people and even the feelings of the crowd.

Calming down can let you focus on the problem and find a solution rather than being blown away by emotions during a problem.

The next tip to calming down is to determine the problem itself one by one especially if there are many problems existing.

A defective microphone or instrument can easily be replaced especially when it is in the back-up devices thus the importance of contingency plans. Each problem should be solved as said one at a time so that your thoughts would not also be disorganized on what to do and how to do it.

The third is to always have within you your contacts of people such as the catering service, the speakers or bands, the labour force and many others. When problems are not in the contingency plan do not be pessimistic but be positive and take each step of solutions at a time.

People who were successful as organizers cannot say that they have been 110% successful as there is no perfect event management.

But they were great in handling event management issues that come along in their way because they are able to handle great stress in a positive and calm way.

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