How To Avoid Danger Zones Leading To Event Management Mistakes


Have you ever attended an event that made you ask yourself ‘why am I here?’ You’re silently sitting in your assigned seat or mindlessly wandering around the location because your mind has already drifted somewhere. you could not bring yourself to focus on the event itself; until you realize that it’s time to take action – you decide to stealthily step out because you are convinced that it’s pointless to stay, an utter waste of your precious time!

Let’s turn the tables around. If you were the event organizer and saw your attendees sneaking out, you’d most likely ask yourself, “what seems to be the problem?” Now there, you just answered your own question. You don’t know what your audience’s problem is, thus, you don’t know what and how your event can address their problem/s.

For this mistake, Lesson #1 for event managers and organizers: FIND A NEED or PROBLEM, THEN OFFER A SOLUTION.

Yes, in the same manner how advertisers and marketing strategists offer a product that could address the consumers’ need, an event should be able to give its audience a compelling reason to attend, sit through the event, gain helpful insights or be satisfied with the experience.

As an event organizer, skills of observation, analysis, and organization are called for. This is the part where you are needed to ask the right questions and find the right problems so that you could properly offer the appropriate solutions. Your event’s objective should be precisely aligned with the needs of your audience.

Event managers or organizers are deemed to be one of the most efficient multi-taskers in the workforce. They are involved every step of the way – from planning to execution to post-event. With a multitude of tasks being juggled around on a day to day basis, it is really a big boost in efficiency and effectivity to be aided with task management tools. These days, a pen and paper checklist just doesn’t cut anymore. Computers and the internet have really worked wonders in terms of task management. But wait, there’s more! If a computer is like manna from heaven, then Evenesis is your heaven-sent miracle worker. Evenesis is your end-to-end event management software solution that creates a task management system you could follow and rely on.


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