Post Event Performance Evaluation

All event management companies look forward to a great finish and the success of their events depends on the methods, techniques and style employed to bring the event to a grand finale. So what happens once an event is over? Off course you would like to know how the company performed on the whole, were the clients happy with your hosting of the event, were there any complaints and so forth. The event organiser will have to make a self analysis on all the critical components necessary to improve future performances. The continuation of improvement should be a goal factor for any event company worth their reputation. In order to start, you will have to at the very least have a clear and organized direction of your current position which then becomes your base measurement for future event performances.

Defining your base measurement

The criteria required to determine your base measurements comprise of tangible and intangible components. The tangible components should be things where you are able to evaluate through written form such as your target settings or goals, your target revenue where you can compare results and turn out to the event where you can again compare attendance. The intangible components comprise of items such as the performances of your team, your overall design concept and your management style. These are harder to measure but experience will lead the way in getting an overall feel through feedback and surveys. Keeping track of these components require skill in organizing or perhaps with the help of an event management system where your entire event planning can be synchronized with other members of your team for a better cohesion. Having a handy event solution on hand can also help in the de-briefing sessions at the end of each event stage which in turn will highlight perspectives that may provide a better insight on performances to reflect upon.

Some key ideas to incorporate into your performance evaluation

These are some of the external components that you could also use to evaluate the performance of a past event which is from a third party that is more likely to give an unbiased view of how you fared in your organizing of the event.

  • An external person out of the event team and organization who knows a fair bit about event organizing to do drop-in sessions unannounced and is primarily an observer. This person would be more likely to also give a clearer picture of how your staffs perform during pre-setup or during the event itself.
  • Random feedback from attendees of the event which means a general survey form that is used to gauge the event overall. This is different from the feed back of the client itself as a general survey form may give you a variety of viewpoints and the most number of similar responses becomes the setting baseline. This survey form can remain the same for several events which can be used as a comparison point post event.
  • You may also have random anonymous survey forms posted around with collection boxes for filled in forms. This is useful for those who hold huge events in a public area and the feedback you receive can be an indication of your performances. Who knows, even one of your staffers might fill out the form since it is anonymous and wants to voice or vent out a point but is too afraid of being penalized for doing so!

All these points measure intangible components and keeping track of the responses to derive a conclusion can be rather messy if mishandled. Therefore having an event management solution in place will help you to input the data and even make comparisons on an automation basis. You will have to source around for good event management software that has these functions and features before you purchase one.

Most event Malaysia companies and even those abroad are now looking comprehensively into good solutions and soft wares that will optimize their performances in events. It has been found to greatly reduce the workload for mundane organizing tasks and especially paperwork but highly useful in synchronizing information between team members and other people involved in the events they hold.

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