Following The “Don’ts” Of Events Management

Organizing an event is like building a bridge. It should be steady, stable and consistent from the start till the end. If a single nut or bolt is out of place, chances are, the bridge will collapse. An event is made of a series or a sequence of activities. Should there be a weak link in the chain of activities, the succeeding activities will be affected and could spell disaster in the end.

Event organizing comprises a long list of “to-do’s”. In order to prepare and psych yourself up with the “do’s”, it would also help to call your attention towards the ‘not-to-do’s or the “don’t’s” of events management:

1. Don’t Commit Everything to Memory

Event management requires a high level organization and efficiency. Writing down ideas, procedures, goals, sequences, list of materials, task assignments/delegation…is of utmost importance. An event organizer’s best friend, at the basic level, is an activity checklist.

2. Don’t Start With No End Goal or Objective

Events are not mounted just for-the-sake-of; they should have a purpose, a target, and expected desired outcome. Specifying your end goal or objective helps you plot out the series of activities to be under taken to achieve the required results.

3. Don’t Be a Scatterbrain

You may be bursting and brimming with creative ideas on how your event would turn out to be such a colossal hit. But if you don’t know how to properly organize and develop a sequence of activities, all your creative juices would just turn sour, and worse, leave a bitter after taste in everyone’s mouth. Collect your thoughts, classify, categorize, develop a system and a sequence on how things and circumstances ought to take place.

4. Don’t Panic

With so much stress, tension, and adrenaline all over the place, an event is most likely to have a few glitches here and there. Even the minutest details could explode in huge proportions when dealt with dread and anxiety. Don’t let your emotions take over; approach the situation with logic and reason. Think of a quick solution or a stop-gap-measure to remedy the situation.

In this digital day and age, event management web tools or software may just be that brilliant system you need to eliminate these “don’ts”. Evenesis is your end-to-end event management solution that will not only remind you of your “to-do’s”, but will also build a system around your planned activities from pre, actual to post event processes, thereby enriching your event organization and management experience.

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