Event Planning In The Cloud

Event planning today is so much simpler!  Who would have thought that cloud computing would one day come in handy for event planners? Surprisingly, cloud services like Dropbox can actually be used by event planners in more ways than one!

As an event planner looking to successfully manage an event, you have the need of organizing tasks properly. For good event management, an event manager should look at all the details carefully. There would be lots of lists to make and plenty of assumptions and calculations to be done.

But how do you store these important data safely?

It can be a real nightmare when all the documents and files which you meticulously created are gone with just one hard disk crash! Event management can give you sleepless nights from before and if you discover a night before the event that the OS or hard disk has crashed, you could have nothing to do except chew your hair. Face it, not many use pen and paper to jot down all details nowadays. You are bound to do a lot of your homework on your laptop or PC. Storing them safely is crucial.

Will pen drive work?

No, they won’t. Just like your hard disks, you never know if pen drives will come to your rescue when needed.

The usefulness of cloud services

These are the times when cloud services come to the rescue. Using cloud services, you can store your data and files in a remote location and access it from anywhere. What you need is a cloud service provider. You can then keep your files stored within the cloud and retrieve it whenever necessary. In fact, it is really simple. You do not even need your own computer once you upload the data to the cloud. All you need is a PC with internet connection and even if your laptop or PC doesn’t work, you can retrieve the file easily. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

In fact, analysts expect cloud services to become quite a rage in coming days. Event planners can breathe easy now too. They can chalk down all the plans and even make details and presentations without a worry of losing the data. You could even store all files necessary for the event, including contact numbers, attendee lists, and program details; amongst others without any worry. The only way you can lose the data is of course, to forget the password which is used to access the cloud service. Of course, you can do better than that!

Cloud based management systems like Evenesis can help event planners too. The event management systems lets you create and manage lists for venues, draw diagrams for better management and even send customized event invites. You can even design your own survey which you can send to the guests asking for their feedback. That’s not all, event management systems like Evenesis have their presence as apps on mobile platforms too so that you can even manage things on the go! More, you do not have to worry about losing data as all data is stored on Evenesis!

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