Choose to Become a Responsible Event Planner

Responsible event planners generally reflect the generic principles reflected by their organizations. I would like to share some of my insights garnered from personal experiences as an event planner through the years and can be applicable to any organization. 

Business Health

A company’s credibility and finances are reflected through its business practices. Have independent professionals conduct audits routinely to ensure integrity and accuracy. If you have nothing to hide, don’t get anxious, because economic transparency is the trademark of a successful company. I even support sharing financial records with employees so each person understands where the company stands and feels involved. Event planning is in the public eye and is scrutinized by literally thousands of attendees who are potential clients. Seeking out a third-party critique can improve your services.


Employees are your company’s backbone and you must ensure that they feel appreciated by providing suitable compensation and benefits. If health insurance, retirement plans, sick leave and vacation time seem too ambitious for your event management company, start with the basics and ensure that your employees feel valued. Since your employees are continually exposed to all types of clients, a positive attitude toward the company is significant. You need your staff to be genuinely happy as they interact with clients before, during and after an event.


Event management systems are all about good service and pleasing the customers. I would recommend that business owners devote their complete attention towards their customers, but not at the cost of the environment or other people. Event planners are constantly scrutinized for their ability to please clients. It is important to maintain a professional attitude and handle all requests graciously.

The community

Although every event planner aims to gain financial success, they should also engage with the community. This engagement can be in the form of charity or volunteering for a worthy cause. Event managers have suitable skills to get involved in planning charity events or organizing social drives to raise funds or awareness for a worthy cause. While choosing or recommending vendors, give preference to companies with a commitment towards serving the community. You could set up an annual gaol for charitable events.


An important part of being a responsible event planner is reducing your company’s carbon emissions. While planning an event, choose vendors close to the venue so that excess vehicle emissions can be avoided. You can also make the conscious decision to choose materials that cause the least environmental impact. Green events are an option available to every planner.

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