Database Management Benefits

Database Management

Database Management Benefits

Many organizations looks lightly when it comes to database management. Some of them don’t event have a proper system to manage their database. Here we provide to you 3 benefits of database management.

1. Reduce Database Duplication

Traditionally using excel to manage database has been a common practice for a lot of people. Imagine that your marketing team has more than 5 people. Everyone will have their own database in their own file. In such case, duplicate copies of the same information will be everywhere. By using a system that can help your database management, all of mess can be avoid. Using database management system, all the organization’s data is integrated and stored in a single database – meaning that there are not any duplicates created in many different location. This way, data redundancy can easily be reduced and controlled.

2. Data Consistency

When you control database redundancy, greater data consistency can be achieve. If data redundancy is reduced by a significant margin, then the system enforces consistency; meaning that everyone will see the same information of a particular data. If the system checked that the data appear more than once, it will automatically remove the duplicate. So this will avoid confusion to the user and this is why database management is so important.

3. Data Integration

Some of the system has integration with other system for example blasting system. In this case let’s look at Evenesis. What we have now is that database module and email & sms blasting in one roof (there are a lot of other features too!). So when these two features combine it is easier for the user to do the blasting because all the recipient details is in the database. This also can avoid recipient to receive redundant email as the system will automatically remove any duplication in the database.



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