• F&B Management: 10 Tips to Choose the Right Catering

    One of the first things you must understand before deciding to choose any caterer for an event is the menu. In addition to being a service provider, the caterer can be your food and beverage consultant as well. Before you approve any catering service, however, be sure to do the following things.   Taste the…

  • Evenesis management Software system

    Event Management Software System: Top 6 Business Benefits – Evenesis Blog

    The Limitless Advantages of an Event Management System As an event planner, your top priority is to ensure the success of your event by gaining highest possible attendees. Even though it is true that getting attendees to your event is not a mean task, you need to know that suitable techniques assist you to go…

  • 3 Things you Need to Know about Event Budget

    Some Useful Tips to Monitor your Event Budget All the event planners know the importance of building a consistent event budget, which allows figuring out the relevance and size of the event. It’s the only way to understand what you can afford with a given amount, and what should be removed from the list, because exceeds…

  • 10 Tips to Generate Qualified Leads with Events

    How to Increase Leads to Fill your Sales Funnel with Events Web optimization, trade shows, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing sites: thesis has shown different ways to generate qualified leads. If you are reasonably comfortable with the feeling, you are ready to get out of the box and try something new. Exchange Leads Cross promotion and…

  • Fundraising evenesis

    How to Plan a Successful Fundraising Event in 7 steps

    Fundraising event is a widespread form of fundraising, useful to cultivate support and attract new donors. If well planned, it’s an efficient way to gather money, but definitely requires hard work, strong organization skills and also financial resources. In order to create a successful fundraising event, bear in mind these important 7 steps of the organizational process:…

  • evenesis experience!

    How can you Transform your Event in a Unique Experience for Your Audience?

    A career in event management is not for a person who is in love with his/her sleep. It surely entails a lot of hard work, topped with long working hours, usually in the days nearing the event. However, if you are really passionate about your job, you won’t really mind. It’s all worth it when…

  • Evenesis event registration system

    Event Planning Software: why is important? – Evenesis Blog

    The Incredible Benefits of Using an Event Planning Software Event planning software is a useful tool to plan and organize events, conferences and meeting in a professional and easiest way. Moreover, they are the fastest way to keep track of your participants, speakers and equipment, accellerate the registration process, view activity in real-time and, eventually, make last-minute adjustments….

  • How to budget your events?

    How to Calculate a Trade Show Marketing Budget

    The Real Cost of Your Exhibit and Trade Show Trade show plays a fundamental role in the marketing strategies of many B2B companies. In fact, it represents one of the best way to be informed about the updates of your industry, obtain visibility and generate qualified leads. However, what is the real value of exhibiting at a…

  • speeches-evenesis-registration-software

    The secrets of Body Language in Public Speaking

    6 Body Language Tips for Public Speaking to Make You Sound Super Confident “If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives” (Rob Brown, motivational business speaker) We all know that the ability to present our ideas and ourselves in the best way can make a difference in our…

  • Stay Positive All Year Long!

    Stay Positive All Year Long! We are all living in a world where drama, stress, and negativity are everywhere, it is indeed a challenge to get the positive vibe and stay positive all year long. It seems like complaining over small issues and being negative is normal in our daily life. But here are some…

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