10 Tips to Generate Qualified Leads with Events

How to Increase Leads to Fill your Sales Funnel with Events

Web optimization, trade shows, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing sites: thesis has shown different ways to generate qualified leads. If you are reasonably comfortable with the feeling, you are ready to get out of the box and try something new.

  1. Exchange Leads

Cross promotion and co-marketing are excellent ways to take advantage of otherwise hard lead sources. Non-competitive suppliers can promote each other’s businesses focus their satisfied customers to the next product or service from which they can benefit.

  1. Press the Human Touch

Even with online marketing, it is possible to stimulate leads to more direct contact with your company. Make sure your contact information is visible on every page of your website. Publish charming pictures and guests comments of your previous events. Going one step further and offer live chat. Customers can solve less likely to leave empty-handed fast their questions and problems.

  1. Speak at an Event

Online marketing is all about visibility, but you can take offline these lessons. Create yourself in your area is known and position yourself as an expert. When you plan an event, seize the day to promote your services as event planner!

  1. Listen Guests Needs

Conferences, exhibitions and trade shows are great places to network. But the people you meet do mostly not want to talk business on the spot. Listen to their needs, get their email and ask them some very useful content can send their situation.

  1. Swing your Plan B

Sometimes prospects contacted by their sellers are not willing to buy. Time to give them something else. Make sure your vendors are ready this hot content to keep your company top of mind and help deliver them to take your funnel sales.

  1. Ask Guests for Referrals

Do you feel that attendees of your last event are satisfied? After the event, give your customer a few of your business cards and ask them to spread the word. Usually customer satisfaction is more than happy to recommend your products or services.

  1. Solve Problems with your Blog

Your blog is not just for industry news, it’s a way to generate qualified leads. What are the most common questions received your sales staff? Make it easy for potential customers to find your blogs directly answers their questions and inform them about the last trends in event management sector! Not only will they likely to subscribe to your useful items (you just captured their email address), but you look like an industry expert and even a thought leader.

  1. Make Engaging Videos 

Video is the way to rock your online marketing in 2016. Take a video during the event, that provides value to your website visitors and asks them for their email address before they can download the video see. If your video promises enough value, it will be easy to generate a long list of sales leads.

  1. Optimize your About Page

Forget the long business history. I hate to break it to you, but people do not care about your achievements. Rework you’re about page to answer a question for your readers: What’s in it for him / her? Remember to include a CTA on this page. It can be one of your biggest lead-generating assets.

  1. Use more Features of Social Networks

Ok, you publish regularly in all your social medias, but have you dug deeper? There is a reason social media is a powerful tool … or a total failure. The difference lies in the use of the most advanced features. Choose the right social media for your goals: post your best blog posts on LinkedIn; share pictures of all the events you organize on Instagram, use Slide Share is to drive traffic to a landing page; promote your services with an update Facebook page. Ensure to maximize the value of each channel.


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