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Full Registration

Registration, RSVP Software & Payment Gateway

  • Provides templates and allows customization on the event registration form
  • Sets your event as private with a secret/special code/access for your selected invitees
  • Connects to our own affordable payment gateway
  • Provides an option to integrate with the organizer’s own payment gateway
  • Creates an RSVP invitation with a one-click button to receive the attendee’s reply
  • Sends out a customized email confirmation with an e-ticket automatically upon successful registration
  • Ensures the registration form and invites are mobile responsive on all devices


Event Website & Mobile App

  • Create your own event website with our user-friendly interface
  • Design event Mobile App with minimal coding
  • Add information such as program itinerary, exhibitor information, speaker bios and social media integration effortlessly
  • Downloadable on either Android or Apple phone
Event Website & Mobile App
Database Management

Database Management

  • Provides a centralized storage for you to manage your guests and attendees records on the cloud
  • Imports your existing database seamlessly with a few clicks
  • Filters and sorts out the attendees’ list via the invitation and paid status
  • Prevents email duplication so that no delegate will be invited twice
  • Ensures data security and integrity


On-Site Check-In & Badge Printing

  • Scans the e-ticket to print the badge instantly
  • Combines with our Facial Recognition technology to expedite this process further
  • Prints customized badges for delegates on-site in less than 10 seconds
  • The badges can be fully tailored to your brand (ie. logo, colours, and fonts)
  • Includes the hardware rental
  • Check-in could be done via our mobile app if badge printing is not required
  • Provides on-site support and crew as an optionWe provide a secure place for you to keep all your previous & current records of attendees
Full Facial Recognition


Facial Recognition Check-In

  • Streamlines the event check-in process, making it incredibly quick and simple
  • Identifies the attendees based on the images uploaded during pre-registration
  • Scans and detects facial points within 3 secs when the attend walks in at the registration counter
  • Is 15x faster than manual check-in and 5x faster than QR/Barcode check-in
  • Provides extraordinary user experience with lesser queues and waiting time


Live Q&A & Polling

  • Enables active engagement throughout the event
  • Allows attendees to submit questions anonymously
  • Engages users and get instant event feedback with real-time polling
  • Works on any device without having delegates to download or install any app on their devices
Live Q&A
Feedy Chatbot


Feedy (Chatbot)

  • Integrates with your event’s Facebook Page and enhances the way you communicate with your audience
  • Displays the event’s program itinerary, exhibitor/sponsor list, speaker list and much more
  • Activates via scanning the FB Messenger code – really, there’s no need to download any mobile app
  • Broadcasts messages and reminders to your delegates to keep them informed during the event day
  • Generates report on the number of users utilizing Feedy in your event
  • Encouranges engagement between the attendees/delegates, the organiser and the sponsors


Emotion Analysis

  • Works with our intelligent hardware called the Smart Camera.
  • Enhances the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology used in our Facial Recognition to detect emotions live
  • Live fee and stream of images will be analyzed to provide analytics that would be extremely useful for event organizers and exhibitors
  • Is able to gauge the overall happiness and satisfaction of attendees
  • Generates a happy map, provides demographics report, tracks sessions, and detects crowd density.
Emotion Analaysis
Event Analytics


Event Analytics

  • Acts as your dashboard and control center to monitor and track your event’s progress
  • Provides real-time information on ticket sales, check-in numbers, email responses etc
  • The reports can be retrieved and shared on multiple devices
  • Extracts detailed data and exports them in Excel.


Business Matching

  • Enables buyers and sellers to be matched by our unique and smart algorithms
  • Buyers and sellers can search, filter and schedule meetings conveniently on our web and mobile app
  • Uses a data-driven approach based on an intelligent recommendations platform
  • Ensures audience satisfaction with fruitful targeted meetings.
  • Sends out a weekly report on the progress of the delegates meeting schedule
  • Includes an automated reminder system to keep everyone informed of meetings or changes
  • Helps to match thousands of exhibitors, trade visitors, companies and investors.
Full Business Matching


Abstract Management

  • Facilitates the process of accepting and preparing abstracts for presentation at an academic conference
  • Organizes abstract submission according to your conference’s requirements
  • Integrates directly with the conference’s website
  • Enables chairperson, authors and reviewers to manage the abstracts and papers centrally on the cloud
  • Sends out email notification automatically to authors and reviewers


  • A brainchild of ours in connecting event planners and venue owners in a casual interactive manner.
  • Reduce time to search for venues planned for your upcoming event.
  • Mobile friendly for those always on the move.
  • Manage multiple bookings on all your venues of choice.
  • Venues constantly updated (availability & details).
  • User-friendly for those on a tight budget and a tighter schedule.