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We make Evenesis fun, easy & exciting to simplify your wants & needs. Enjoy it!


Event Registration

  • Custom Fields Setup. You may customize to your heart’s content!
  • Private events that can be shared for the world to see or kept hush hush for family & friends only. Your choice.
  • Multi-user access for team bonding purposes so no one gets left out.
  • Event Listing as a gateway to promote your event to the public as well as an easy outlet for people to register at your event.
  • Use our templates to create and personalize your own registration form for your next event.
  • Mobile friendly on all devices and easy for your guests/attendees to register.
  • Helps you manage your attendance list at a faster pace. In style.


Online Ticketing (Pre-Event)

  • A flexible way for you to manage your ticket settings & requirements.
  • The best way to entice your customers is with a discount. You set the % and let them claim it on our platform when they buy the tickets.
  • The e-ticket will then be generated and sent to their emails as confirmation upon payment.
  • Set a waitlist if you’re unsure at the number of people coming for your event. A good way to manage crowd control.
  • Create your own Promo Code to reward your customers. Just make sure to remind them to fill in the code to enjoy the benefit!

Promotions (Pre-Event)

  • The ‘in’ thing right now. Create your event post online & share it to your preferred social media platforms. You get the idea.
  • Direct marketing via e-mail. Create your own personalized e-mail & send it out to those in your list. Put in on schedule if you wish. We’ll handle the rest.
  • Can also be done via SMS texting. We got this covered.
  • Filter/sort out your guest list via invitation status. You can also create a group to facilitate communication with your event stakeholders.


Guest Database (Pre-Event)

  • We provide a secure place for you to keep all your previous & current records of attendees. Data sharing made easier as well. Say goodbye to MS Excel.
  • Importing your guests’ list is as easy as ABC. Just choose/select anyone from your previous events to your current event.
  • Filter/sort out your guests’ list via invitation status. You can also create a group to facilitate communication with your event stakeholders.
  • Our system will ensure that you do not accidentally invite the same guest twice to an event.


RSVP (Pre-Event)

  • Now you can import the invitation template from your previous events into the current event without breaking a sweat.
  • Schedule invitations when dealing with multiple events to assist you in creating new invitations that can later be slotted into the guest list.
  • We will ensure that your guest list is up to date. We are efficient that way.
  • Set a wait-list to control your event’s capacity and crowd control!


Booth Booking (Pre-Event)

  • Upload your floor plan layout into our system so that your exhibitors can secure their booths in style.
  • Sell your booths or tables online without hassle as the money will be transferred straight into your bank account. Best way to fill up those booths.
  • We can generate the list of booths for you. Just print it out in PDF & share it with your exhibitors.


Microsite (Pre-Event)

  • To explain it in simpler terms, a microsite is an additional website with its own independent links and address (URL) that is accessed from a larger site.
  • We can help you create one for your event and this is where your creativity goes into full speed as you target your audience & communicate with them.
  • A great marketing tool.
  • Fast & easy to create. For both business or pleasure with friends & family.


Mobile App for Guest Check-In/Registration (Event Day)

  • Impress your guests with our system. Our mobile app allows you to check-in/register the guests once they arrive at your event.
  • Can be used on multiple devices and user friendly.
  • Tags for the guests/attendees can be printed directly after check-in process.
  • Hassle free & crowd control guaranteed.


Live – Polling (Event Day)

  • A new addition from us at Evenesis. A good way to let your guests/attendees participate in your event. Be it for a Q&A session or voting for the Most Beautiful or Best Dressed category!
  • Can be used on multiple devices.
  • Results displayed in real time.


Event Reporting (Post-Event)

  • Get the latest real-time information on ticket sales, check-in, email responses at any time from our report page. Satisfying!
  • All relevant data can be sent and shared on multiple devices.
  • Mobile friendly for those on the go.


Survey (Post-Event)

  • Use our online survey tool to get feedbacks from your guests/attendees.
  • We have 6 feedback formats available to choose from.
  • You may create as many surveys as you want. Enjoy it.


  • A brainchild of ours in connecting event planners and venue owners in a casual interactive manner.
  • Reduce time to search for venues planned for your upcoming event.
  • Mobile friendly for those always on the move.
  • Manage multiple bookings on all your venues of choice.
  • Venues constantly updated (availability & details).
  • User-friendly for those on a tight budget and a tighter schedule.



  • Say hello to the newest addition in the Evenesis family.
  • Uniquely integrated with your event’s Facebook Page and enhance the way you communicate with your audience!
  • Helps with sharing information about your event (list of speakers or program itinerary).
  • Broadcasting messages to capture the audiences’ attention.
  • Helping the environment by reducing paper wastage.