Why Good Service Is Important In Event Management

Event management is a service orientated field of work where you will be dealing with people from all walks of society in large congregations. It means dealing with human behaviour and idiosyncrasies which will require tactful and diplomatic skills. Apart from dealing with people characteristics it also means the overall performance of handling an event from start to finish such as the event planning stage, budget management, creativity and workflow management.

How to offer good service in event management

Remember that evaluation of your services as an event organizer will not only be from your client but also your participants and attendees. Complaints and praises would be most apparent when surveys and feedbacks are conducted as a post mortem of the event.

1. Pay attention – especially during the organizer and client meeting stage. Make sure everything is recorded so there will be no contentions post event. Where there are sections lacking and not advisable make it a point to voice it out or give constructive suggestions. This will ensure that the planning stage is successfully carried out.

2.  Train your staff well – with the highest priority given to the frontline staff such as those involved with the registration process or your fore front marketing team. This group of personnel will be the first to interact with the client and attendees apart from you. Remember that the registration staffs not only represent you as the event organizer but also the host which is your client.

3. Selection of your vendors – includes most importantly your catering vendor. Select vendors who are proficient in their service and quality of food and drinks. The catering vendor is also responsible for the banquet staff at their disposal which should be well trained and attentive to service.

4. Be organized – as nothing makes a host more worried than a haphazard event organizer. To be organized entails that you have full knowledge and control over the whole event. You are able to tackle problems in the quickest and most effective manner without causing too much concern to the host. Now is the time when you will find that it is most handy to have an event management system on-hand to provide an event solution to help you manage your tasks and workflow.

An event company is only as good as the service they provide. If you are an event Malaysia company, apply some of the event management best practices to your in-house rules and have an event management solution to help you and your staff to perform their best at every event. Reducing host and attendee complaints is also the key to good service and all successful event management companies have a reputation for excellent service.

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