How To Eliminate Or Keep Event Complaints Low

Though it is true that you can’t just please everyone but this does not mean that there is nothing you can do to reduce or eliminate complaints at your events as you will be interacting with many people at these times. Eliminating a large percentage of these complaints mean that you will have to pay special attention into areas that will most likely receive complaints. A smart event management company will deduce from past events where complaints are most likely to happen and focus on these areas.

Most common areas of complain in events

1. Venue and location – know the segment of your attendees or participants. Off course there is no way that you can get a venue or location that will please and be convenient to everyone. What you can do however is to select and recommend locations that will have easy access to those that are less mobile or even to the occasional handicapped participant or attendee. One example is a form of arranged transportation such as a special bus service from the nearest public transport system.

2. Parking problems – this one we have commonly experienced even on our own. There are never enough parking spaces during an event. This can be reduced by scouting for parking places though a little further away but provide a feeder transport service from the parking lots to your event location. This will be highly appreciated by your attendees and reduce the car parking woes.

3. Competition from other events – be careful about your event dates. This means you will have to do proper research on when you wish to have your intended event. Conflicting events can jeopardise participant attendance or even worse, create additional problems such as parking problems. Conflicting events could mean one venue holding several events that are either similar to yours or are loud compared to your more quiet event. So check with your venue management before confirming.

4. Inefficient service – this holds true especially when you have events that involve catering services. Food could be served cold, waiters are unresponsive or choice of food and beverages are of poor quality. To avoid this, be very familiar with your caterers and their service!

One solution to reducing these mass of complaints is to keep a record of past complaints and acting on them. Use an event management system to manage your event planning and work flow. A great event management solution should have the flexibility for customization according to your particular needs. Even event Malaysia companies will be able to use such event solutions now to help them in their event tasks. It is a worthwhile investment that can help you to keep track of all your event activities.

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