What Event Planners Could Learn From US Presidential Debates Event?

How many of you watched the Presidential Debates last week? It is a series of open debate between political parties in the United States. 2 speakers,  Governor Mitt Romney (Republican) and President Barrack Obama  (Democratic) and a moderator will take charge on bringing issues for debating. It is a “national happening” in the US where the debate are broadcast live across 8 TV channels there.

I, like millions of others, watched it. But anyway as an event planners what are 4 things you could learn from this great event?

1 – Make sure your host has control

Jim Lehrer the moderator for the debate, is a very knowledgeable & experienced person. He has been the moderator for the same 12 presidential debates since 1988. Although there many opinions on his job moderating at the debate, most of them said he had no control over the speakers, he would tell them their time was up, but it didn’t seem to matter.

It is important for you to pick a good host or emcee for your event. Think host is like a ship captain where he responsible and take care of the ship security, crews management  and where the ship are heading. Same with event management, a host responsible for ensuring the event runs on time and smoothly at the same time to resolved things happen on the way.

2 – Don’t mix-up your event objectives

The overall purpose of the Presidential Debate is to educate the public so that they has the best information and can, in turn, make the most educated decision at the voting booth. And for that reason, it is organize into 4 separate events, each of it will be discussing on different issues & topics in different location.

Setting objectives is the foundation for a successful event. It is crucial for you to clearly define what is the specific objective during the initial event planning stage. Objectives help make sure that the event you are organizing doest lost it track during the way.

3- Treat your event as a brand

The official logo for the whole debates events, with motto “The Union and the Constitution Forever”. Event Planner also should consider having a logo with motto for their event. It is the easiest way to branding your event. Having a logo is one of the effective way to market your event . A beautiful, creative and inspirational logo that depict your event will help generate public interest to participate, plus it also help people to understand better as well as  providing at-a-glance indication of what your event is about.

4 – Makesure venue is suitable

Magness Arena in University of Denver where the debate held is 80,000 square feet. Depending on the size of the hosted event and configuration, the Arena seats can accommodate from 5,500 to 8,000 people, fully equipped with audio and video support.

Analyse the event’s need for a venue. The venue you select for your event depends on whom you want to attend. Some of the question you could ask yourself are; do you need an indoor or outdoor venue?  How many audience are invited? What audience capacity does the event require? Is it necessary to select a venue with good public transport access? How long do it need the venue for, including setup and takedown?

P/S Watch the full debate at http://youtu.be/ACs2DU3fV80

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