What Are The 5 Most Popular Events In The Market Today?

Events are not only limited to weddings, annual dinners or product launches. The trends in the market today are more focused on events that generate an income for the host or organizers in return for holding the events. This would make sense as huge amounts of money are spent on venue rentals, food and beverage, set ups and advertising campaigns. So what are the five most popular trends in events in the world market today?

List of the 5 most popular events by order of popularity

1. Conferences and seminars – are usually short events where it can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Revenue from these events comes from participation fees paid by the attendees. A host can employ an event management company to host such events several times a year making it one of the most lucrative events to organize. A seminar is organized based on key speakers and make use of only one venue such as conference or seminar rooms for the duration of the event thus keeping the cost low. Conferences are held in slightly more lavish settings such as hotels or convention centres and the opening includes a keynote speaker session with intermissions in between program topics and multiple concurrent sessions.

2. Trade show events – are held for the purposes of lead generation and include such industries as tourism, property and development, electronics, food products or automobile manufacturers. Revenue from trade shows are generated via the participants who rent space in the trade show to display and brand their products. The more successful a tradeshow the higher the participation.

3. Events for executive incentive programs and retreats – are held for organizations to reward their management teams or hold important discussions such as organization strategy meetings in a non-formal manner. Such events last over 3 to 5 days and includes venues that are exotic or exclusive. These are considered extravagant events that are paid top dollars to organize and event organizers who are reputed for such events will be much sought after.

4. Golfing cum business events – is a highly prized event to organize. These are networking and relationship building events held by high level management of organization for company networking purposes. They can stretch over 3 or 4 days and hosts will expect top notch organizing capabilities from the event organizer.

5. Appreciation and loyalty reward events – are held as reward incentive programs by organizations for members or clients. These bond and relationship building events allow a host to spend time with their guests to develop mutual opportunities in business.

Getting into the best practices for these events can be accomplished with an event management system where the event management solution helps the organizers keep track of developments and work flow. Building your reputation in hosting such events is a breeze when you have the right event solution in hand to help you in the event planning stages. Event Malaysia companies can be just as competitive with the international market with the advantage of a great local tour destination.

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