Post-Event Feedback & Evaluation: Why It Is Important And How To Do It Right

The Important of Post Event Feedback and How To Do It Right

The Important of Post Event Feedback and How To Do It Right

How do we know if an event has been carried out successfully and that it has made the right impact?

Are there any simple things we miss after the last guest walks out of the event?

Do we know when everyone who attended has come away feeling what we want them to feel?

Was everything running smoothly without a hitch?

How to measure our event effectiveness?

This is where the post mortem at the end of an event is indicative if you have performed greatly or poorly as an event organizer.

Why event feedback is important

Post-event feedback is important to any event planner or organizer.


Because it provides the reality check of what went right or what went wrong during the event. Keeping track of feedback is important to progressively improve in the field of event management. It is how reputations are built or destroyed in this competitive field.

Only by feedbacks and evaluations will you be able to see where rooms for improvements are required. Therefore improving your part of customer service.

It also indicates what your customer’s expectations were and did they feel that you did a great job and they will hire you again.

To get the end results of a good event consensus it has to be from the very start.

There is no such thing as a poorly planned and organized event producing super results. Every little thing has to be taken into consideration.

Event planning is a complicated procedure that requires good communication and teamwork.

However, things can be more manageable if you have a great event management solution in place, this could mean doing it the manual and tedious way or be more techie and have an online event management system.


How to get the right results and why it is important

Those days before the availability of such event solution applications, everyone did it the old fashioned way. With pen, notebook and telephone directory in hand.

This, of course, meant it was difficult to keep everyone organized, informed and working as a team.

Things went wrong and there was not enough time to get the information through. It was difficult to keep everyone co-coordinated.

So, things were delayed, stress levels went sky high and everyone could not wait for it to be over. Waiting in anticipation to see if the client noticed any of the foul-ups the next day was a trying time especially when having to collect your payment!

Now, wouldn’t it be so much easier when you have an event management software right on your mobile devices?

Imagine, you have features such as a

  • checklist
  • floor planner
  • guest list organizer
  • invitation tracker
  • a survey generator with report analyzer.

With it being mobile, it means you can share, coordinate and get things done immediately with your whole team while on the go!

Being organized means fewer mistakes, which in turn lead to better productivity, lower costs for mistakes and increased client satisfaction.


Wouldn’t it be great to use the Event App?

The post-event feedback you receive is an indication of your success or failure in the industry. Good feedback is much like a client testimonial.

Likewise, bad feedback can be a real chink in your armour and may affect later event organizing projects.

Therefore, a lot of events Malaysia organizers are constantly kept on their toes to out-perform each other. Part of out-performing is great communication.

Keeping track every step of the way in an event reduces the risks of things going wrong. Relaying the information or sharing it in real-time is now an important factor.

Using an event app means less time running around and more time getting things right.

It also displays your professionalism to your client, that they have made the right choice in selecting a well-organized event organizer.

This, in the end, means a satisfied client and a great post-event feedback!

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