Keeping Track of Your Event Plans

Thinking of becoming an event planner or you already are? Being an event planner entails a gazillion task at hand and managing those tasks are no easy matter! The success of your events depend on your organization skills. Which means keeping proper track of every minute tasks in detail.

The role of an event planner

Planning an event and the job of event planning means being creative and perfectly organized. On top of that you must also have very good interpersonal skills. Everything about events is people, people and more people.Which means you have to be able to listen effectively to your clients, develop a great working relationship with them and your vendors as well as be great at negotiating. With all this in hand, how do you keep track of things without being a burnt out bulb at the end of every event?

What can you use to help you plan your events

If you are new to event management or an old hand at the game, investing in an event management solution like event management software is a good option. There are so many different types available and selecting the one that suits you best is something to be considered. Whatever the event you are planning there are always common tasks or components and it is up to you as the event planner to bind all these tasks and components to create a great event.

Here are some ideas on how you can start your event plans and keep track of it:

  • Breakdown your tasks into stages. You can do this manually by paper and pen or be smart and use an event management system to help you with manage the many tasks at hand. Under each stage list what needs to be done in detail.
  • Identify your vendors. List what they can or cannot do for you.Specify the timeline and due date for deliveries.
  • Organize your guest list, this can be by gender, age or heirachy of importance.RSVP replies, invitations and even seating places have to be in detail.
  • Manage your budget or rather your client’s budget. It would be wise if your event solution has a good financial tracking application to help you with this. Keeping track of out-going expenditures make sure you do not have to keep asking your client for a top-up!

Team work and mobility

Part of keeping track of your event plans are also organizing your team. Keeping in close communication and ensuring that orders or tasks are handed out on time. The advantage nowadays is the convenience of mobility. Being mobile means that communicating is made much easier leaving room for less error.

To take advantage of modernized mobility, make it a point to search for an event software that enables you to use it on whatever mobile device you may have. That way you can delegate different tasks to each of your team members and yet know should something requires immediate attention. Keeping in the loop is one of the most important stages of planning and execution.

Regardless if you are in event Malaysia or abroad, a versatile event solution is workable wherever you are located. Having one in the palm of your hands is a great way to start your planning!

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