Increasing Visibility Through Google Plus

Are you wondering if you can use Google plus to boost your site’s visibility in search engines? Then the answer is yes! Just like Facebook, you can actually use Google Plus to improve your visibility. If you are an event planner looking for good event promotion solutions, then Google Plus can help too.

Understandably, Google Plus has not caught on the fad that Facebook has but that should not take you away from using Google Plus. The reason is simple- internet today is made up of many things ‘Google’. Whether you are searching through Google’s search engine or using Google’s Gmail or using Google’s Scholar Search, chances are you would be linked with Google at some place or the other. Most users have a Google account even if they do not actually access Google plus.

So how could you increase visibility?

Some time back, Google was in the news for allegedly giving higher priority to those who used Google Plus in its search results. Though it didn’t come to much, it is a known fact that your Google plus comments are used by search engines in search results.

So how do you go about it?

Google Plus can work wonders if you are looking to organize events. Event management can often be difficult and you would need to be up for it.

Use Google Pages – If you are wondering of organizing an event, creating a Google Page can be helpful to increase visibility. Google Pages can help you interact with other Google users and Google gives a clear preference to Pages which has Circle membership of over 3,000 by putting it on the Plus Boxes for wider recognition.

Post frequently and with the appropriate keywords– Remember, not only does your website require SEO optimization but your Google Pages require it as well. The more you post, the better would be your visibility. Remember, that SEO counts here as well. So if you want your event to be successful you need to use the proper keywords on the Google page. Doing so would ensure that your page link is displayed in search engine results better.

If you are thinking of hosting a successful event, it is important that you gain more followers. Interact with fellow Google users, post interesting content and increase your followers. Google gives a preference to pages with more Circle Membership so reach out to a wider audience!

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