How To Effectively Find And Connect With Influential People In Social Media

Networking is the nutrient that keeps businesses growing. Regardless of any business, the fastest way to build a client list is through networking either by recommendations or reputation. If we ask ourselves, how do we get a good source to network from? Traditionally we will say through friends and family. The word “viral” comes from a medical meaning “to spread uncontrollably.” We see it often used on the internet and in virtual statistic reports in relation to content and information. We live, work and even sleep in a virtual world in the 21st century.

Selecting your network source

Everyone is more or less connected, even in the remotest parts of the world. To get in touch is now just a push of a button. Likewise, our pool of resources for connections is all now within reach virtually in the palm of our hands! There are so many virtual groups out there involved in various professions, specialties and services. All we have to do is start with what we are closest and relevant too. Networking resources on the internet are infinite. Take LinkedIn for example. They have this nifty little algorithm that can link you up to various people within the same interest or business type. You do not even have to go searching around to get connected. Just start up an account, and see who your small group of email contacts are connected too. Professionals would recommend Google+ and LinkedIn as a good source to start networking.

The connection between social media networking and events

Even in events we need to constantly source for clients and spread the news about our company. Being on a social network allows us to do just that and effectively. Our connections will be able to see our profiles and portfolios; making it a great source for recommendation among their own circle of connections should such services be required. One would tend to source from a database we are familiar with, rather than one we are unsure off. We can also post upcoming event notifications, share ideas and create a forum or offer our event solution among connections who can also share with their own connections. Therefore, creating a viral effect.

Monitoring your network database a connection

A social network offers various tools for us to keep track of our connections. If you noticed in LinkedIn, to click on one connection also reveals the person’s other connections. You can request a connection bearing in mind network request courtesies. Social connections can include friends, customers, suppliers and external network connections. Some social networks provide mini CRMs, which you can integrate with your own event management system, provided it is compatible. For an event management company, this can prove very useful in their event planning stages.

Why should event Malaysia companies be left out of these fast growing social networking techniques? Leveraging on it helps to build a business network faster than by word of mouth.  You can source a great portfolio of suppliers and clients quickly and effectively. It just makes sense to use modern technology either in the form of communications, event management solutions or even reputation management to grow a business progressively.

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