How to Notify Your Guest About an Event

The event date is set, you have the theme, setup and all preliminary works nailed down to the core. What do you do about the guest list? Simple as it may seem, there are protocols to adhere too, wording for the invitation cards, RSVP, seating arrangements. All these need to be organized too.  Knowing which step to take first and how to inform the guest is an art in itself. It could be for a happy occasion, a product launch, convention or a networking session.

Starting out on your guest list

Once you have the official and final guest list in hand, arrange the guest list according to important statuses. This could be an order of hierarchy where there are VVIP, VIP and normal guest. Each stage of the guest list will have its own protocol. List each guest according to the protocol procedure. This can be in the form of seating arrangements, official invitation notes or reception. A good way to get this organized if you have an event management system that can help out in your event planning. You can easily set your guest list and keep each task in hand for the guest updated.

Event planning therefore becomes simple, and when you are organized, things run smoothly and become less stressful. Now comes the fine art of notifying your guest about the event. The most common way is by sending out invitation cards ahead of time. Allowing enough time compensation for changes. Wording the invitation cards require good writing and vocabulary skills. Off course there are numerous samples online that one can get ideas from. However, there needs to be tweaking of the words to suit the occasion.

Check list of design and invitation

The design of the invitation cards also require good design skill. The theme of the card should fit the overall theme of the event. Colors of the card and fonts should be precise and clear.  The addressing format of each guest should be crucial, make sure that each guest is addressed in the correct title. Nothing can be more embarrassing than a wrongly titled invitation. Here are some notes to make while formatting your invitation cards:

  • Color and design – Theme in mind, for example a wedding event. The cards are traditionally white however depending on the culture and race of the wedding couple. There is more play on colors and design for events such as product launches and conferences. These are events where you can get really creative with the invitation cards. Bereavements however require a touch of sympathy and condolences and normal colors are kept very somber. In this case colors such as blacks, blues or just plain white with no fancy font types.
  • Wordings – Check on protocols from your client to make sure the addressing of each guest is correct. This is a rather sensitive matter and of utmost importance. The protocols should match the seating and guest reception.
  • Dateline and RSVP – make sure you enclose an RSVP card with the correct stipulated return by date. This is important so that you know how many guest will be turning up, will it be more or less. The numbers affect your seating arrangements. Have a dateline as to when the invitation cards should be sent out. Give yourself ample time incase of changes.

Every event management will involve a guest list. The event management solution that you have or are planning to have will be a great help in your organizing. Some of the features offered in the event solution also include guest seating planning and handling of guest list.  Even if you are in event Malaysia, such systems are available for you if you search online for the appropriate system. Organizing your guest list and sending out the invitations, keeping track of it will be such an easy affair!

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