How to Give Events a Personal Touch

How To Make Your Event Look Special?


Everything being as commercialized as it is today, event organizing is no different.

Everything is a matter of fact and professional.

Everyone integrates like polished clockwork.

Lost in the world of professionalism is the element of a personal touch. True, there are different types of events, some impersonal and some very much requiring the individual attention.

However, clients being clients, always feel that they are special when the organizer pays close attention to them. So how do you give every event you organize a personal touch?

Being unique

Making your event stand out from all the others could easily be from providing great service or having superb organizing skills.

But most remembered is the unique touches that you put in as an organizer that makes all the difference.

Think out-of-the-box with the little things you incorporate into the event. For example, if you are planning a corporate event, it would be nice if at the end of the event, your attendees have a nice little individually hand-signed thank you note for their attendance.

This is just a very common example.

There are many more that you can do, which will make it special with the “human” touch.

The creative touch

By definition, the “personal touch” would mean an individual uniqueness extended to the event.

Personal touches are important as it gives the impression to the client that they are special.

Events are all about people.

So something personal could be in the form of customized gifts, decorations or event settings. A great example would be for planning a successful wedding event.

Event organizers can opt to have delicate hand made door gifts for the guest that has a very special thank you from the hosts themselves instead of just printed thank you cards and a commercialized gift.

In order to keep track of all these items and the guest list, the organizer can use an event management system to help facilitate the event planning part.

Some of the ideas you could use to personalize an event are:

  • For weddings: personalized table menus, door gifts, invitation cards, flower bouquets and decorations
  • For corporate events: Door gifts that address a certain segment of the attendees, personalized stationery, greeting cards
  • As an organizer: Personal attention to the client by listening to their requirements with care and attentiveness
  • A personal note from you at the end of a successful event thanking the client and if possible an appropriate thank you gift

These are just simple ideas of how you can make an event personal.

Yes, it may be small ideas but can go a long way for a client to remember you.

As an event Malaysia planner for any type of event, you can make an impression based on personal touches to the events you manage. Event management can be easily personalized if you have a creative touch.

Using an event management software to help you manage your routines can free you of time. This useful event solution will give you more time for creative ways rather than be bogged down by the stress of managing an event.

Personal touches in an event are ways to communicate directly with the client and also the attendees. It also gives that extra mile to the professionalism of your event company.

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