How to Choose Suitable Color Theme for Your Events

We all can’t live without color in our lives, more so when we need to make an impact during an event. Holding an event is basically on a short term so it is important for us to make the right impression that will in all cases remain in the minds of people we come into contact with, or to attract visitors to our event.

Every event organizer will try to synergize lighting, sound system, décor and color to their best possible impact but the key to all this is color. You just might wreck your whole event if the color scheme is way off mark, unless off course if your intentions are to be notorious with a riot of mismatched colors! So how do you go about choosing the right color scheme for that special event?

What are the primary considerations?

First of all, the event management team will consider the most suitable color scheme based on your brand of product or service. This is where all the brain-storming starts and everyone will have their opinion about the “best” color. One thing is for certain, colors used present a specific identity and defines the message, distinction and character of the company. Therefore recommendations on the use of colors in an event has to first be established during the event planning stage.

Planning your event

There are many event management companies in Malaysia that will be able to help you plan a memorable and effective event. Alternatively, what you can do as the client prior to appointing an event management solution company is to make a check list of what you think is a suitable color theme for your event. While you are letting your creative juices go, do bear in mind the following guidelines while you are considering:

  • What attributes of your brand do you want to highlight – color plays an important part in this as it gives a statement of the impression you want to make.
  • What you want people to feel emotionally – do you want to make their hearts go pounding out of control with excitement or do you want a more styled and sophisticated aura. Remember that different colors create different emotions and moods

Choosing your colors

It can be so exciting to choose a color scheme for your event but keep a hold or getting carried away is a big possibility. Some of the colors that can be considered are the primary colors of red, blue, green, yellow, purple and off course black and white. To have an idea of what each color signifies, take a look at the list below:

Red is used when you want to create a sense of excitement, motion and trend setting. However the color red is a dominating color and invokes attention much like a bull that sees a red flag. It can also express power and love, so keep in mind the use of the color red and be precise which expression you want to create in combination with your overall theme.

Red Themed Event

Blue primarily signifies a sense of intelligence, loyalty and command. So if you want to impart or are branding your company in a new product launch to build a loyal following of consumers, this is a good color to use. There are many shades of blue that can be used in an event, but the deeper the color the more somber it is so do consider a vibrant blue as an option.

Blue Themed Event

Green on the other hand signifies nature, health, a new beginning, a sense of growth and optimism, caring for the environment as well as regeneration. This is a good color to use if you are in the health or beauty related industry. The color combinations tied in with the décor of your furniture/setup in the event will make this an outstanding theme.

Green Themed Event

Yellow is used to express sheer joy and celebration, energy and warmth or even as a warning. Knowing how to use the color yellow in your event theme is important as well as which shade of yellow to use. Lighting has to be considered as yellow tends to be lost if lighting is too strong in the venue of your event.

Yellow Themed Event

Purple is a controversial color. It is for those who are daring, spiritual, mystical and alluring, wealth and off course magic. Not many people or events use the color purple unless they are in the entertainment industry. However if you feel that you want to create an impression of the above qualities during your event, this is an interesting color to consider.

Purple Themed Event

Orange can be used if you want to portray confidence of competition, potency, a driving force and energy. It is a very vibrant color to use and to make it more interesting, it can be used with a combination of black and white to make it truly outstanding and authoritative.

Black and white should be used sparingly unless it is a night event that has a party atmosphere with lots of bright and colorful lighting. Adding shimmering and tinsel effects are a good combination as it will stand out against dark backgrounds and white is a good light reflector.

A good event solution by any event management service provider is when they are attentive to the customer needs and requirements. Choosing the right color scheme for the client means that they first of all have to be all ears. They will have to know in-depth about the company that they are providing the service for by taking into consideration to know what you, as the customer finds is important in order to be able to advise and select the right theme and color. They would also have to be aware of color sensitivities in the country or venue of the proposed event. Many event Malaysia companies will be able to provide such services to a high standard and some are noted for grandiose thematic events that as one would say “really rock the world”!

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