8 Tactics to Craft Successful Event Marketing Email

8 Tactics to Craft Successful Event Marketing Email

1. Keep it succinct and to the point

You do not have to explain every piece of information about your event in one email. Focus on one key announcement per email.

2. Declare the benefits your prospects will get

Make it clear what benefits or relevant insight your prospects will get in your event, such as a business networking opportunity, a promotional offer, a recent industry development or a hot topic for your audience segment.

3. Limit your email to one calls‐to‐action (CTA)

Think about and prioritize the action you would most like your prospects to take after they read the email. Make it simple and quick to complete the action.

4. Use interesting subject lines and short paragraphs

It is getting increasingly harder to get people to open emails on mobile, which means your content needs to be easy to skim through.

5. Avoid spam filter traps

Avoid phrases such as ‘Last chance’, ‘Once in a lifetime opportunity’ ect. These boring words usually do not bring registrations but unsubscribes.  Avoid too many !!!!!!!!!, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and sloppy HTML.

6. Segment your database and tailor email accordingly

Segmentation means to increasing relevancy to your audience. After segmenting by your audience, tailor your email subject and elements to that specific group.

7. Personalize your emails

Let your prospect know the email is for him or her personally, but not just for any “Ms/Sir”.

8.  Send at the right timing

People usually read email at 8‐9am and 2‐3 pm. But to better understand your prospect’s habit, you can utilize the email system which allows you to do an A/B Testing to test delivery time and compare the click rates.

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