Tips On Choosing The Perfect Style And Looks When Attending Events

It is said that how we look on the outside is how we feel on the inside. Our personality is also reflected in the way we dress for occasions. Our attire is an expression and extension of our lifestyle. When we attend functions or events, what we wear is a reflection of our professionalism. Having the right wardrobe is in itself an image building and branding strategy. It is just as important and similar to other business plans and developments. So how do we go about selecting that perfect look and attire when we need to attend an important event?

Every event or function is different. First of all, look at the theme of the event. Is there a dress code? Will you be attending the event alone or with someone else?  Sometimes the dress code is indicated in the invitation or RSVP card. An event can be casual, a Black Tie affair, a Business event, a themed event or even a celebrative event.

Planning your event and getting organized

If you are planning the event, indicate the appropriate dress code on your invitation cards so that your guest will be aware. Event planning is a complicated process. There are so many factors and things to look into. At this point, you might want to look into event management solution tools like event management system that can help you organize. There are several event management system available online but few are as versatile or user-friendly as the one offered by Evenesis. If one of your tasks is to organize an appropriate dress code for the event, this system is perfect for you. This event management system has a few great features such as a checklist, guest list, vendor’s records, a printing feature for invitations and more. The user-friendly features are easily customizable. So use it for your entire guest and staff related requirements. You can co-ordinate dressing requirements to staff and guests easily and without a hitch.

Different types of dress codes

Back to the topic at hand, a dress code is just as vital to the success of an event or in attending one. Based on your event theme, you can have several options. Some may be fun whereas others formal or casual. Always check on the dress code before attending or indicate it clearly on invitation cards. Otherwise you or your guests might just be inappropriately dressed for the event, which would be a big cause for embarrassment!

The perfect style and dressing would be from head to toe, relatively speaking. So yes, don’t just dress-up, but dress to make an impression. Pay attention to your hairstyle, makeup if you are a woman, your attire, footwear and even your finger nails and accessories such as tie, watches and jewelry. No detail is too small to be noticed. Some of the categories for dressing are listed below. Check it out and see.

Black Tie (Formal and Optional) affairs

  • A dinner jacket or tuxedo with a black silk bow tie. A crisp white shirt and cummerbund for the men.
  • A long evening gown or dress. With or without a slit to show some leg, jewelry and hair accessories to match for the women.
  • If the event is of international significance, then traditional formal dressing is appropriate for both men and women.
  • The difference between formal and optional does not mean dressing as you like for the latter. It just means men can use a tie rather than a bow tie and women can have short cocktail dresses. No fancy suits of multi-color or light colored suits!


Business casual

  • A light jacket, shirt and tie with matching slacks for men.
  • A skirt suit or evening dress (not necessarily long) for women.
  • This event is also a choice for “power dressing”, where you might want to make an impression while meeting people for business purposes or company affiliations.



  • This would be almost an anything goes type of dress code. Jeans are allowed as well as Polo type shirts, colorful jackets or shirts and casual shoes for the men.
  • Light skirts, single piece day dresses and casual shoes for the women.

Be Fashionable

Nowadays everyone wants to be fashionable and trendy. This only works for events that do not involve international diplomatic invites or where royalty is involved. Celebrations, themed casual events and certain company events are an open invitation for the fashionable dresser.

This would mean keeping in step with the latest fashionistas and trendsetters. This is the occasion where you are evaluated by what you wear or own on your person. It could be anything from designer shoes, clothing or accessories. In these events, everyone has a chance to be a celebrity. However, make sure that you have a good dress and color co-ordination skill, otherwise the whole impression will make you a celebrity of a different kind!

Attending and organizing Event Malaysia functions can be both fun and stressful. Having the right event solution application helps you to manage the stress. All else is the fun part. The highlight of any event is the finale where everything runs like clockwork and everyone is literally dressed and out to kill!

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