The Cloud SME Incentive Guidelines and Package

This contest is open for public and eligible for the participant of Evenesis iPad Mini Challenge! Bring 5 ‘Confirmed Customers’ and we reward you with an Apple Ipad MIni 16 GB with 3G + Wifi

All the SME* companies can now enjoy FREE trial of Evenesis, courtesy of Multimedia Development Corp (MDeC) Cloud Incentive Grant. The grant states that any SME* company can subscribe to any local web application service like for maximum value of RM 1,500 and this government agency will reimburse the subscription expense to your company within 6 weeks of submission of form*.

Below are the details of our SME Package (Platinum + 500 credits) worth RM 1,500;

Evenesis – Event Management System (Platinum)
I.  Features include:

– Event Planning, Scheduling, Checklist for maximum 10 events
– Contacts/Guests Management
– Emails/SMS Templates
– Floor Plan Design
– Seating Arrangement
– Pre/Post Survey
– Check-In/Registration

II.  8000 Emails for Invitation/Info Blast/Email reminder for events

III.  1000 FREE SMS blast/Invitation

IV.  40 Sets of Surveys

*Supporting Document for form submission – Form 9 Company registration certificate & latest Audited Financial Statement

*Definition of Small/Medium Enterprise

Medium Enterprise – Sales turnover between RM10 million and RM25 million OR full time employees between 51 and 150

Small Enterprise – Sales turnover between RM250,000 and less than RM10 million OR full time employees between 5 and 50


So wait no more! Grab the iPad Mini with this 3 simple steps.

  • Register yourself for this contest and download the form HERE
  • Read and Understand the The Cloud SME Incentive Guidelines and Package
  • Get your 5 customers now! 🙂

For any inquiries, call us 03 8992 3132 or email us at

*Terms & Condition Apply

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