Awesome Synergy between Matrade & Evenesis

matrade export day

Awesome Synergy between Matrade & Evenesis

Last Tuesday on Jan 19th, we had an amazing day helping out MATRADE to organize their informative event Malaysia Export Day. The event was attended by almost 1000 participants who are interested to find out more information on export matters and assistance, which are made available by MATRADE to all eligible SMEs. The good thing about Malaysi Export Day is that this event received positive support from both MATRADE member group and non MATRADE member group. Quite a few of representative from relevant trade associations and universities showed up during the event.


The energetic MATRADE team and Evenesis had been working closely since mid December last year to manage the attendees registration effectively. We discussed and planned the strategy to market and promote the event together. Starting from handling the sensitive contacts in database, we gradually trained the MATRADE team on how to effectively use Evenesis in handling such task. MATRADE required some customizations to be made on the online registration form because they need to get relevant and updated information about their attendees. All this information is kept in Evenesis for easy access for all MATRADE team.


Malaysia Export Day commenced with attendees registration in the early morning. Most feedback received from the registration team were very encouraging. People came in drove to register themselves for the event. Quite a number of walk-in registration was also recorded by the registration team via Evenesis. Majority of the registration team agreed that the whole experience in handling this event’s registration is unlike any other. As compared to the manual way, Evenesis has managed to help the registration team captured many walk-in registration in ease and convenient steps. One thing to note is that the steps to scan the online ticket and check-in for attendees also ran well. This is definitely above our expectation!


Later during the day the team also invited a sizable number of attendees to participate in survey. This survey was formed and published via Evenesis online survey module. As we had told the MATRADE team about this module, online survey module is easy to configure and easy to publish so the team can get feedback from the attendees much faster and almost in real time. Hence, we can see the MATRADE team wasted no time in getting responses from the audience by encouraging the attendees to fill in the survey form. We hope the team managed to get relevant information about the attendees and also any other related information to improve the event in the future.
All in all, we enjoyed our time working together the MATRADE team. Both team demonstrated a positive synergy and challenged each other to perform better at all levels. We hope to continue this relationship and we are certainly open to welcome any feedback on Evenesis system. We do experiment our system in real situation, such as planning and managing the event registration part of Malaysia Export Day, so we can improve any inefficiency in our system to support the event planners.


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