How To Minimize Your Event Cost To Minimal

How many of us would not enjoy hosting a big lavish event, be it for our own personal celebration or a company event. But the big crunch comes when it is time to pay the bill. Off course we try to make our events as awesome as possible but without having to shell out tens and thousands of ringgit just to get it done, so how do we keep the cost down to a minimum without compromising on the impact we want to create and have?

First of all, during your event planning stage decide on the amount you are wiling to spend in hosting your event. To get a fair idea on how much an event would cost, you can get a rough estimate from event companies on a no obligation basis. Check out the event management application by Evenesis while you are at it. There is a nifty little function that helps you generate a cost maintenance list. Get an indication of a basic minimum that you need to set aside, bearing in mind that the more items and programs you add, the more the price will increase.

A starting point for your event plan

Now, to the nitty-gritty part of setting an event management system to monitor, implement and run the whole event. Be as detailed as possible, as every thing you miss out and have to add on later will also add on to your price. So it is a good idea to make a check list and as you know “better to check it twice”.

The Evenesis event management solution application is available online for you to organize a cost effective event easily. The flexibility of the system helps you cut down cost on communications, unnecessary running around as well as paperwork to fax, print etc! All your event needs are available at your fingertips via your iPhone or Android. Best of all, your team members can pull the information directly of a Cloud storage application immediately. So, there should be no excuses of delays in getting the work done!

Some ideas for an item check list

Use the checklist feature in the application to know just how much your will spend on each item. Customize your checklist to include:

  • The number of “head” count you are expecting to attend your event. Each person attending is a cost in itself, so make an RSVP card to confirm attendance way before the event, this will help you to save on F&B costs especially if you are planning to have the event in a hotel or caterers are involved. It is also a good idea to send reminders about a week or more before the event as a last minute check on attendance so you still have time to reduce your order if there are any cancellations.
  • You might not think that picking a good date and time is crucial, but YES, it is. Avoid dates where there are public holidays, school holidays or other major celebrations unless of course if your event requires mass public attendance then these would be good dates. Chances of people showing up on eve or public holidays to attend a business event or a closed door launch event will be a little less as they are probably already in a holiday mood or have prior engagements with family and friends.
  • Before you even plan an event, make sure you choose everything about the event wisely. This includes deciding on the goals and reasons why you are hosting this event, especially for companies who plan to have several events a year. You do not want to run out of budget before the year is up.
  • Try to minimize on printing cost for items like letters, flyers, and banners because if you notice by real observation, pass a flyer to anyone on the street and what do they do? At least 50% will throw it a way after a brief look, if they look at all. Another percentage will stuff it into their pockets and in it goes to the washing machine. The smaller percentage will actually take note (then again if you are lucky). The best solution? Give them a freebie! A good percentage will keep it. With your brand printed on it, the item will probably sit on a shelf or desk and be a reminder of your product! With all the cost of printing combined, it may workout to be cheaper with a freebie.

These are just some of the pointers that you can make use of to plan your event. A good event solution checklist does not just stop here; there are loads more items to consider before you can even decide on hosting your event. The keyword is to be prudent. It is not difficult to minimize your costs and expenditures if you are well planned and have the best event management solution at your fingertips. If you choose to use event management system, remember to get hands-on on the system first. Choose the most versatile, user-friendly, highly mobile and most cost competitive system to help you. If you are reading this blog, then in most cases you need the extra help!

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