Guidelines On Organizing A Web Conferencing Event

A webinar is a web conferencing event but the exception is that rather than a face-to-face meeting, it can now be done on the internet. Event management organizers may have request to organize a particularly important web conference especially since it is now a trend in the market. The first thing which is also the most important is knowing the purpose of the web conference. Talking to your client on what they expect from the web conference will help you to organize a better one. Discuss the agenda of the conference, what is to be shared, topics of discussion online and introduction of other personalities related to the conference. If you have a mobile event management system on-hand it will keep you well organized in your discussion and event planning with the client.

Step-by-step guide to a successful web conference

1. Planning the agenda – for the web conference such as the introduction, the topics of discussion, Q & A sessions as well as feedbacks and follow-ups. This is where content development is crucial in the flow of the web conference. Event companies may or may not be asked to help develop content but clients should be advised that it is important and to alert the event organizer on the flow of content.

2. Planning the setup – for the web conferencing event involves knowing who the speakers are according to the program flow. Example includes who will be the key speaker, the topic presenters and the mediator. Seating arrangements should include a flow for the video camera to focus from one presenter to the next. Preparing this in advance will ensure that an interchange of views between one presenter to the next is not abrupt.

3. Planning the equipment – entails audio, internet connectivity, presentation boards as well as projectors or other visual presentation equipment and software. Since the conferencing event is a life event, it would be advisable to test all equipment before hand as well as to run mock sessions to observe the flow so that adjustments can be made before the actual conference.

4. Planning the attendance – unlike conventional conferences requires a target audience who will have access to internet facilities. No doubt the audience is large and far reaching but using a webinar service provider will help to manage the attendees and invitations.

Though hosting a web conference sounds easy there are many other things that need to be prepared in advance and using an event management solution will help you with your workflow for the event. The trend of web conferencing opens new horizons in event possibilities even for event Malaysia companies. No doubt it helps to save costs as opposed to a conventional conference event, the work is no less different and investing in an event solution in this field of work even for web conferencing is a worthwhile investment.

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