Getting Your Team Organized in Event Management

Organized Your Event Management Team

Well, you have successfully secured a great event.

You have gone through the part of convincing the client about your successes in holding great events and managed to get the prized contract.

Securing the contract is only the beginning of a big and stressful headache if you actually have bad organizing skills!

Once you have secured the contract you will be involved with the event planning and event management stages.

This means that you will have to work with set up crews, suppliers and vendors, venue owners, food and beverage serving teams etc.

All these people will be considered your team.

Here you will need to be very skilful with people management methods.

It is also a very stressful time especially when the event date draws near.


Picking your team and delegation

Assuming you have your team picked out and ready to get into action.

How would you organize them and delegate all the various task that needs to be attended too

Are you well prepared and know exactly who is going to do what so that there is no duplication of task or wrong assignment?

Here are some tips to help you organize your team into a fluid and efficient pack of co-workers:

  • Grouping – your team members should be grouped into activities that they are familiar with and can perform best. For example, you may have hired extra help for the event, placing them into a team that is short-handed requires that they are able to perform the given task. So stringent selection must be done to make sure that they will not let the team down. If you have not been careful of your selection process it can cause a stressful working environment for that particular team.
  • Delegation of duties – you will have to keep track of what each team member will have to do. His or her task will be unique to their individual capabilities. You will also have to keep track of their performances and be open with communication for anything that might go wrong. Each team member must know and understand the task that has been allocated to them. They will also have to be responsible enough to provide you with daily or frequent updates as to the progress of their work.
  • Final deliveries – this is important for all team members. They should know their datelines for delivery. It would be inexcusable towards the final stage of the event when they say that they did not understand your instructions or were not told they were supposed to do that task. It would be a disaster! To ensure that team members meet up to the final delivery, it is important that you are kept in the loop for any team member issues and problems. Diligent reporting is a crucial aspect of good teamwork and successful delivery.

Human resource management

Handling team members and co-workers are very much like a human resource department.

You need people management skills on top of great design ideas. You will also need to know how to handle problematic team members! One of the items that you can have in your arsenal to keep you organized with team members is an event management system.

The event solution that you have in hand should have features that will enable you to keep track of team performances and task delegation.

The event management solution you have in place should also be highly mobile and accessible to your key team members so that they can also keep track of the crew performance and report back to you.

This means high mobility and easy access.

Having a good system is half the work done, saving you time and reducing problems along the way as there is also probably a tracking record feature.

Which means there can be no contention of tasks allocated.

You could be in event Malaysia or elsewhere it does not matter.

What matters is the teamwork and final delivery to a successful event with personal touches.

Your client will not know the day to day problems in achieving this success but what counts to them is a great event.

So on your part, the headache of team management becomes your responsibility and your deliverable!

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