Design Your Event to Create Picture Perfect Moments

Event planning incorporates a variety of elements that also include creating an aesthetically appealing atmosphere. Look at your event critically, from the perspective of attendees as they walk in through the door, up until they leave. What can they see that attracts them?

Encourage Photo Sharing

Having attended numerous events during the past few years, I have realized that visitors take photographs of literally anything or everything. They will take photos at your event regardless of what it looks like. Be clever about your event’s design to encourage photo sharing. Instead of letting people take photos of the building’s name where the event is taking place, make it jazzy and display your company’s name on it. Make it interesting enough so that people stop to take a photograph of it and more significantly, want to share it.

Branded Signage

You can also ensure that all your guest speakers have branded signage displayed behind them. Motivate them to use images and graphics during their presentations, and facilitate sharing by adding event hashtags to each slide.

Delicious Foods

During meal times, provide menus that are designed aesthetically and serve a functional goal. You’d be surprised at the number of people who take photos of attractive meals and share them on social networking sites.


Create spaces for people to click catchy photographs and make sure each spot is branded with your logo or brand name.  Go through each aspect of the event and ensure that your attendees have numerous options to take great pictures.

Sharing is Caring

Once your entire event has been certified to be visually appealing, reward the visitors who take pictures and share them along with information about your event. Thank them and maybe give a prize to the best photograph. Motivate the amateur photographers to share their images on your company’s social networks as a marketing strategy for future events. While the pictures may not be as good as a professional photographer’s photos, they capture a unique view, the perspective of an attendee. Make a collection of all such photos since they can serve as valuable resources for your next event planning project or for its promotion.

In this era, there can’t be a photo-free event. No matter what you do or where you go, people continuously take photos of literally everything, so don’t miss out on the possibility of leveraging this at your next event management opportunity.

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