Is Your Event Survey A Waste of Time?

Is Your Event Survey A Waste of Time?

Attendee feedback is the key to learn about the needs, experience, and expectation of guests for an event. But you all know it’s getting harder to collect feedback from people. Maybe because your survey is boring, it is too long or it is just a waste of time. Here are 5 most important tips you should keep in mind to conduct a successful event survey.


1. Ask the right questions

People think it’s a waste of time to answer survey as the questions are boring. To avoid that, stick to asking questions that you truly want to know. Depending on your event, you may want to identify their primary goals to come to your event, what they actually learn, whether attendees spent their time in the way they thought they would. Ask questions about how they felt about the event. But please avoid questions that need to take a long time to answer. If possible, use categorical questions instead of free text because it’s easier to answer.


2. Seize the golden time to collect input

Depending on the data you expect to collect, mid-event survey and post-event survey are mostly implemented. During the event, you can hand out the survey forms or share online survey link to collect real-time input. Reviewing these real-time data gives you an immediate look at how well your event is going. Post-event surveys often provide the most important feedback if you conduct it properly onsite right after the event or within 24 hours after your event.


3. Keep your survey short

To get the highest response rate and the most accurate feedback, be considerate of your guests’ time and effort. Do not extend your questions so far as your audience is unlikely to stick around. People are pressed for time, which is why brief surveys tend to have higher response rates. Keep it short and sweet, sticking to the questions that will get the feedback you really need. A good rule of thumb is to keep your surveys to twelve or fewer short questions.


4. Make your survey mobile responsive

If you use online survey, your survey pages should be mobile friendly, allowing your attendees to answer from their smartphone or tablet at any time without effort. Testing in advance is key to make sure it is mobile friendly.


5. Offer incentives carefully

Offering an incentive, such as a gift card or a discount is a good entry to boost survey completion rate. However, it does come with the risks: accuracy might decrease as people might rush through the questions to get the prize. Hence, offering a reward might not be worth it. But if you insist to do so, consider keeping it small or motivate them in a different way, such as give speaker’s slides or important notes you concluded from the events.


Do you know that? Creating an online survey with Evenesis is an effortlessly and cost effective way to collect attendee feedback.

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Is Your Event Survey A Waste of Time

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