An Event Log Book Can Be Invaluable

It was in my capacity as an event planning consultant that I had cause to meet with a potential client who was planning on holding a conference to bring together management level employees from its global business centers to attend. I asked the client’s head of the corporate communications department how many events his company has run last year. He couldn’t remember but promised to find out.

A week later he was able to get back to me with an estimate of 317 events. He had managed to calculate the number of different types of events from the corporate event log book that tracks employees’ attendance at events. Imagine how much easier and faster it would have been to fetch the information I requested if it had been kept track of using a proper centralized or cloud based event management system?

Other than to provide requested information to an event planner such as myself, why would an organization that holds events want fingertip access to such data?

Seminars, conventions, conferences, shareholders’ meetings, corporate parties, weddings, or any other type of event are expensive. Some can be in the thousands of dollars, but many events, such as conventions and conferences, can easily extend into the tens of thousands of dollars. Being as they are so expensive, they need to be well planned out before they’re held and well attended as well. However, I suggest all events need to be fully documented should it ever be required to look back on a given event. Referring back to my question about the number of events my potential client’s company held, more may be needed then the count of how many events were held. Maybe attendance count, who attended, or what the itinerary was and possibly much more to properly plan a follow up event.

The reason events need to be well thought out and meticulously planned should be obvious, and they usually are to the best of the planners’ ability. However, most organizations that hold events don’t keep a log or any sort of record once the event is over, other than an accounting provided by the event planner for tax purposes. That’s a mistake. Keeping a log allows you to look back on events already held to determine what went right so it may be duplicated during future events. Likewise, if anything that went wrong, what happened needs to be analyzed too so that findings can be used to improve events to come.

To effectively plan and organize an event, as well as be able to manage every aspect of the process, while maintaining a precise log to a look back over requires software. I recommend Evenesis, an online Event Management System for running and organizing events created by this unique company, Y Us Sdn Bhd. This cost effective solution provide templates and standards to handle event operations and activities using an easy-to-use Internet tool. It also allows users to plan events, send invitations via email and SMS, track guests attendance and registration, design floor plan, arrange guest seating and send surveys to the participants or guests after the event.

Beside the invaluable feedback from attendees, a complete log of who attendees were, suppliers, what vendors may have participated, who speakers were and so on. Evenesis is the ideal tool for planning, managing, logging and reviewing events. For more information, visit

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