5 Innovative Ways Video Can Invigorate Your Event

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Video has become the most powerful marketing tool on the Internet for any purpose including event promotion. Compared to conventional media such as newspapers or text-based advertisements, video is more engaging and able to deliver much more information. Take explainer videos for examples; instead of using lengthy texts and a number of images to explain how a product or technology works, companies opt for an explainer video with simple animations to give comprehensive information. When used as a tool to invigorate an event or engage attendees, video also delivers better results. Here are some innovative ways to use video to boost the excitement of your event.


  1. Virtual Appearance: live streaming has changed the way we communicate with everyone. The same thing applies with an event where a guest speaker is scheduled to provide a welcoming speech, promotional information, or a discussion related to the public event. Popular figure, such as authoritative person in specific field of science, can be thousands of miles away from the venue but a video conference or live streaming can eliminate problems with distance. It is also possible to ask the speaker to record the video earlier and play it during an event.


  1. Kiosk: designed as versatile tool to serve myriads of purpose, kiosk is also useful equipment for an event where attendees can play certain footage of the previous events or coverage of the entire venue showing all sorts of activities from event registration planning to non-official interviews with speakers. Consider this an on-demand video player that delivers information about your event.


  1. User-aggregated contents: many brands are using video apps to record footage of events from every angle to engage fans. As an event planner, you can also make use of the technology to make the event live longer. The event can be over in one day, but the share-ability of the video makes it live on for weeks to come. This app is popular among mobile users, and they can also upload their own footage to social media.


  1. Mapping: with the right event management system and proper equipment, you can have two dozens of cameras moving and rotating in the venue. There is also the potential to create lifelike atmosphere using big screen, for example breezing wind on a beach intensified by reducing down the AC. Just make sure you have the budget to cover the extra expense.


  1. Social Media: everybody knows about social media. It is hard to put more stress that an event planner needs to take advantage of this technology before, during, and after the event. When everybody is focused on making sure that everything runs as smoothly as expected in the middle of the event, it is easy to neglect that a simple tweet with the right hashtag or post with some pictures can give profound effects afterwards. It opens the doors for further discussions and broadens the scope of the event.


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