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Explore Our Endless Conference Event Planning Software

Simplify your event process with our comprehensive all-in-one conference management system.

In-person Event
Management Solution

For your in-person events, no task is too big or small for our onsite support. The Evenesis team consistently goes the extra mile, ensuring your event’s success and simplifying onsite attendee management.

evenesis virtual events conference management software

Virtual Conference
Management Solution

Evenesis’s platform supports various virtual events like conferences, webinars, etc. Organisers can sell tickets, manage breakout sessions, engage with exhibitors, and showcase abstract posters. Our system accommodates 50 to 10,000 attendees seamlessly.

hybrid event conference management software

Hybrid Conference
Management Solution

Hybrid conferences, blending in-person and virtual experiences, are the future of the MICE industry, allowing attendees the option to participate from home. Whether hosting at a hotel, office, or studio, Evenesis has got you covered.

Seamless Event Registration Solution

Designed for today’s successful event managers, our registration system offers a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution. It automates promotions, boosting attendance, maximising interest, and amplifying pre-event excitement.

Online Registration Forms

RSVP Invitation

Ticketing Tools & Online Payment

Promotion & Email Marketing Tools

Event Attendees Management

Event Data & Analytics

Unlimited Capabilities of Our Conference Management Tools

event registrations

Registration, RSVP, & Payment Gateway

Using our registration tools, participants can easily sign up, buy tickets, and receive immediate confirmations. Manage registrations, RSVPs, and secure online payments in one platform, ensuring a hassle-free experience for organisers and attendees.

event management with QR scan

Attendees Management

Our Attendee Management feature enables organisers to build strong ties with attendees. Monitor their registration journey, save time and manage contact details with ease. Promote your event and keep your audience engaged with timely updates and essential details.

event analytics

Event Analytics

Our event management software offers users real-time analysis and reporting, acting as a dynamic conference management tool. Monitor attendee engagement, demographics, interests, and more in real-time. With our intuitive interface, adjust your event strategy on the fly based on data-driven insights.

on site check in

On-Site Check-In & Badge Printing

Our advanced conference management features offer a seamless check-in and badging experience. Speed up on-site check-ins, impress attendees upon arrival, and provide them with branded badges for an exclusive touch.

creating event website

Event Website

Design a tailored event website that captivates your audience from the start. Showcase essential event details prominently, ensuring attendees find what they need effortlessly.

virtual event platform

Virtual Exhibition

Host engaging virtual events and online meetings that foster global interactions and teamwork. Allow attendees worldwide to join and actively participate in your event.

facial recognition check in

Facial Recognition Check-In

Our facial recognition technology swiftly identifies attendees from pre-registered images, streamlining check-ins and eliminating long waits.

event management software

Webinar/Virtual Conference

Engage your audience with live sessions, dynamic presentations, and lively discussions. Offer on-demand access to recorded content, integrated seamlessly into our event platform for easy registration and communication.

Business Matching

Experience seamless networking with our Business Matching feature. Dive into productive chats, foster partnerships, and easily schedule meetings in our intuitive digital space. It's more than networking; it's exploring endless possibilities.

live poll and Q&A

Live Q&A & Polling

Boost event dynamism with live Q&A sessions and polls. Gather instant feedback, address queries and adapt to attendee preferences in real time.

Lead Tracking App (Evelet)

Enhance lead management using the Evelet mobile app! Scan visitors' badges to easily capture leads, eliminating rental device costs. Access leads in real-time and exports them effortlessly via email. Get started: Download Evelet on iOS or Google Play for seamless lead engagement!

event mobile app

Event Mobile App

The app is more than just a tool; it's your gateway to enhanced event experiences. Engage in real-time through polls, stay informed, and access valuable content even post-event. It's not just an app; it's your continuous event companion.

Elevate Every Conference Programme with Evenesis

Discover a conference management software that’s a versatile partner in your event planning journey.

Tailored Solutions for Attendees

Let your attendees have the power to personalise their agendas, experience a smooth and effortless registration process, and interact with engrossing features such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities—all with our conference management system.

Maximised Exposure for Exhibitors

Offer your exhibitors the flexibility to customise their own booth profiles to align with their brand, connect with the right audience, and gain insights on the number of visitors and levels of engagement so as to tweak their strategies on the go.

Empowering Platform for Speakers

Allow your speakers to upload content seamlessly through our portal, boost engagement with our interactive session tools, and expose their expertise to foster trust and anticipation among the attendees.

Industries & Purposes We Serve

Financial Events and Conferences

Secure data management tools catered to sensitive financial data.

GLCs (Government-Linked Companies) Events

Tools that ensure transparency and public accountability standards.

Ministries and Government Events

Streamlined registration for large public events.

Associations Conferences and Gatherings

Enhanced networking and member engagement tools.

Technology Conferences and Webinars

Solutions designed for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Food & Health Expos and Workshops

Interactive platforms for attendee engagement.

Oil & Gas Conventions and Seminars

Tools for global event accessibility.

The Numerous Benefits Offered by Evenesis' Best Conference Event Management Software


Our conference management software optimises your event process, allowing your team more time to craft extraordinary events.

Improved Communication

Centralised conference management systems enhance team, vendor, and stakeholder collaboration, ensuring efficient coordination and execution.

Risk Reduction

Our intuitive event planning software empowers your team to organize and stay on top of every detail, from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and stress-free event planning process.

Cost and Time Savings

Using our user-friendly platform, eliminate manual hassles and confidently deliver impactful, flawlessly executed events.

Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration

With real-time event access and instant communication, your team can collaborate seamlessly, enhancing the event planning experience.

Full-Fledged Solutions

Evenesis helps you create an immersive
and better event experience for your audience.


What is a conference management system (CMS)?

A conference management system (CMS) is a specialised software designed to streamline the planning, organisation, and execution of conferences. It integrates various functionalities such as registration, scheduling, analytics, and attendee management to provide a holistic solution for event organisers.

How does your conference management software differ from other platforms?

Our conference management software, Evenesis, stands out due to its comprehensive approach to managing both in-person and virtual events. Powered by top-notch technology, our platform offers tailored solutions like facial recognition check-ins, business matching, and a dedicated lead-tracking app, ensuring an elevated experience for organisers, speakers, and attendees alike.

Is your conference management system suitable for both virtual and physical events?

Absolutely! Evenesis conference management system is built to manage in-person, virtual, and hybrid events seamlessly. From virtual lobbies and webinars to on-site check-ins and badge printing for physical events, we’ve got all facets of your conference covered.

How secure is your conference management software?

Security is paramount to us. Our conference and event management tools and software employs stringent measures to safeguard your data and ensure secured event access. With features like secured event access for virtual events, you can be confident in the safety and privacy of your conferences.

Can I integrate other tools or software with your conference management system?

Yes, Evenesis’s conference management system is versatile and offers API integration with other registration systems, ensuring flexibility and seamless coordination with tools you’re already familiar with.

What kind of customer support does your conference management software provide?

We pride ourselves on our dedicated support. From the planning phase to on-site event management, our experienced professionals will assist you every step of the way. We’re not just a conference software provider; we’re your event technology partner.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees or sessions that the software can handle?

Our conference management software is designed to accommodate a wide range of event scales, supporting anywhere from 50 to 10,000 attendees seamlessly. Whether it’s a small seminar or a large-scale conference, Evenesis ensures smooth operations.

How user-friendly is your conference management software for attendees, speakers, and exhibitors?

Evenesis conference management software prioritises user experience. Attendees can personalise their agendas and enjoy interactive features, speakers can effortlessly upload content and engage with their audience, and exhibitors can customise booth profiles and gain insights in real-time. Our intuitive interface ensures a hassle-free experience for all stakeholders.


What our clients say

November 21, 2023.
Hui Xin helped and met all the client requests for our event. Wouldn't be more grateful to be working with a team member like her.
Najib Habeb
Najib Habeb
November 9, 2023.
Evenesis is definately a trusted platform for event registration and management. Many big event in Malaysia event utilize their services for registration and tag printing. Well done and keep it up guys !
Alexander Wong
Alexander Wong
October 15, 2023.
Evenesis - Met this Event Registration Solution Partner many moons ago and has since been working along for multiple events. From Conference, Gala or even Carnivals! Great Sales Team and Flexible. Shout out also to CX Team who is always on standby to help solve our tech issues. Looking forward to creating more memorable events together, cheers!
Zulkarnain Azman
Zulkarnain Azman
October 14, 2023.
Really efficient and helpful. The service they provided made the event run smoothly and it is highly recommended for you to get their services.
chun kid Choo
chun kid Choo
October 9, 2023.
Good services!
Azlan Abdul Kadir
Azlan Abdul Kadir
October 9, 2023.
nureen izzati
nureen izzati
August 9, 2023.
We had an excellent experience with this service. Their customer support was outstanding, as they were available to assist even late into the night. This ticketing platform truly stands out for its user-friendliness and easy setup process. However, there is still room for improvement, particularly in the efficiency of QR code scanning. For instance, the system's response to a double-click action by an attendee during registration caused a discrepancy, leading to issues with merchandise and gift distribution. This hiccup impacted our event, where the attendance numbers and available items didn't match up as expected. The potential for enhancement is clear, and we believe that with a bit more refinement, the QR scanning process could become more seamless and reliable. Despite this minor setback, the overall system is great, and we are looking forward to utilizing it more in the future 🙂 Thank you evenesis!
Idhar Syafi
Idhar Syafi
March 29, 2023.
Expert and professional event services
Farid Nor
Farid Nor
February 17, 2023.
Had good experience using Evenesis to manage our small seminar. The most useful part of Evenesis is the promo code and also the email notification whenever new ticket is sold. Features in Evenesis helps us for the attendees registration as well as selling the ticket. All good with this software.

Enhance Your Event Experience
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