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How do I handle offline payment?

How do I handle offline payment?

We understand that online payment is not for everyone. In 2019, we have rolled out a new feature to allow user to enable offline payment in their form. Now, user will have options either to enable only online payment, offline payment or both in their microsite or registration form.

To find this option you can go to Microsite Module and find the payment options at Form Setting

Once you enabled offline payment (Pay Later), user also can customize the confirmation email that registrant going to receive if they choose Pay Later as their payment options.

User is advised to include payment instruction inside the confirmation email.

Will people who register using Pay Later receive the e-ticket when they registered?

The answer is NO.

The registrant will only be going to receive an email to acknowledge their registration. However, they will not receive the e-ticket until the organizer (Evenesis User) send it to them.