3 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Event Management Company

The market place is fast becoming more competitive, every business is affected and staying on the forefront of business has now become even more challenging. Those of you in event management businesses will also realize that more competitor companies are springing up, cutting into your share of the revenue pie. Event management solutions to market your own event company is now easily within your grasp. What can you do?

Create a blogging campaign – Identify a niche and blog about it

Do you have a niche or speciality about your event company? A niche is something you are very good at, for example your company has an unusual flair for event planning in wedding designs that sets you apart from others. This is just an example and there can be many more. Once you have identified your particular niche, think about telling people what you think. Offer ideas as freebies such as consultations where people can read about and interact with you. The best way is to blog about it. Start a blog and be interactive with your fans and do not neglect your postings. The more people know about you, the more likely they will one day require your services. It is like a pay it forward concept but in many instances it works!

Create a social site market – Market your presence on social sites

Be a social creature and spend some time on the social sites. Create a social site page account like on Facebook or a blog site like Blogger or WordPress. Within all these sites you can include “Like” and “Share” buttons. Offer simple freebies from your services which you can create with Facebook Offers. Or just make an announcement on your post and pin it to the top for 7 days, this is a free option. All it will cost you is just a little effort to create a post on your part. Many of these options are available when you create a Facebook Page account. You can also opt for pay-per-click marketing campaigns to target audiences through their advertisement campaigns. If you are an Malaysia event company, you might want to target a Malaysian audience only for example.

Create a Causes event – Use the Events feature in your social site to create a special causes event

Use the Event option in the Facebook account creatively. You can start a cause for charity or an awareness program. Link this back to your event company and create some great visuals of your cause. It could be a campaign to donate clothes to the needy and if your services are hired, you add on to the donation drive. You can even announce your role in the charity drive. People like it when you give something back to society. You can encourage people to share your Causes event to their friends. A cause can be a great event solution even for some of your clients.

Be creative and out of the box by making use of the many options available to you on the worldwide web. Currently trending off course are the social sites and blogging. Leverage on these to create killer marketing campaigns of your own!

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