• How To Stay Green in Event Management

    The world is rather conscious about the impact of whatever we do on the world’s environment and this should be no different even in event management. Waste materials come from the quantity of paper used to print leaflets, forms, and event setups and even in the food and beverage sector when holding an event. All this in turn adds to the amount of potential waste material accumulated at the end of each event. So what can an event company do to minimize this waste material at the end of each event?

  • How To Become A Successful Event Organizer – Evenesis

    In recent years, the competition in the event planning industry has increased due to the rising demands from the corporate and private sectors. However, you can always use your abilities, expertise and experience to thrive in such a competitive environment. Successful event organizers never fear the competition; instead, they focus on ways to improve their skills. With experience, you can polish your event management skills and gain the creativity required to prosper in this career.

  • Strategic Considerations To Gather A Larger Audience At Your Events

    Success of a marketing campaign depends on the response of your target audience. For any professional event planner, convincing the audience is a top priority to deliver a successful event. They achieve this by drawing a larger audience to witness the event so that their clients get to sell their products and services in greater numbers. However, event management to capture a big crowd requires advanced strategic considerations that are different from those required to deliver a small-scale event. Therefore you should mold your event planning skills accordingly, to successfully draw a big crowd to your event.

  • Tips for a Successful Event Planner

    Most of the companies hire event management experts to gather a wider client base through meetings and events, to make profitable deals with fellow businessmen who somehow relate to their company. Through proper event planning, you can make sure that these meetings result in the best interests of your clients and in turn, label you as a successful event organizer.

  • How To Look For Opportunities In Organizing Events

    Once you are an event organizer, you would most probably have a permanent team and staff employed under you. How would you ensure that your year of business in event organizing is well laid out with secured work to keep your employees busy and paid throughout? This is a tough question to answer and would depend on you to spot opportunities in advance and along the way as well as having great negotiation skills to secure the contracts or projects ahead of time. It also means that sometimes you may have to be creative to propose ideas to your clients during the lean months to keep things going.

  • How to Notify Your Guest About an Event

    The event date is set, you have the theme, setup and all preliminary works nailed down to the core. What do you do about the guest list? Simple as it may seem, there are protocols to adhere too, wording for the invitation cards, RSVP, seating arrangements. All these need to be organized too. Knowing which step to take first and how to inform the guest is an art in itself. It could be for a happy occasion, a product launch, convention or a networking session.

  • How to Give Events a Personal Touch

    Everything being as commercialized as it is today, event organizing is no different. Everything is matter of fact and professional. Everyone integrates like polished clock work. Lost in the world of professionalism is the element of a personal touch. True there are different types of events, some impersonal and some very much requiring the individual attention. However, clients being clients, always feel that they are special when the organizer pays close attention to them. So how do you give every event you organize a personal touch?

  • Tips On Choosing The Perfect Style And Looks When Attending Events

    It is said that how we look on the outside is how we feel on the inside. Our personality is also reflected in the way we dress for occasions. Our attire is an expression and extension of our lifestyle. When we attend functions or events, what we wear is a reflection of our professionalism. Having the right wardrobe is in itself an image building and branding strategy. It is just as important and similar to other business plans and developments. So how do we go about selecting that perfect look and attire when we need to attend an important event?

    Every event or function is different. First of all, look at the theme of the event. Is there a dress code? Will you be attending the event alone or with someone else? Sometimes the dress code is indicated in the invitation or RSVP card. An event can be casual, a Black Tie affair, a Business event, a themed event or even a celebrative event.

  • How To Minimize Your Event Cost To Minimal

    How many of us would not enjoy hosting a big lavish event, be it for our own personal celebration or a company event. But the big crunch comes when it is time to pay the bill. Off course we try to make our events as awesome as possible but without having to shell out tens and thousands of ringgit just to get it done, so how do we keep the cost down to a minimum without compromising on the impact we want to create and have?

    First of all, during your event planning stage decide on the amount you are wiling to spend in hosting your event. To get a fair idea on how much an event would cost, you can get a rough estimate from event companies on a no obligation basis. Check out the event management application by Evenesis while you are at it. There is a nifty little function that helps you generate a cost maintenance list. Get an indication of a basic minimum that you need to set aside, bearing in mind that the more items and programs you add, the more the price will increase.

  • Learn How To Revive and Bring Life and Substance to Your Events

    Day 1 Opening day of event: A full house! You rejoice at the overwhelming attendance. After the coffee break, you see some vacant seats. You just say to yourself, “hmmm…maybe it just takes then a while to get some coffee..”. However, as the event progresses, people seem to get restless. You could hear their mindless chatter within earshot. Some take restroom breaks one time too often. Some walk out then never come back. And some just sit quietly, you heave a sigh of relief, until you looked again, they’ve dozed off to sleep.

    You ask yourself, “what have I done?” You just violated the event commandment: ‘Thou shall not kill your event attendees with boredom’ ! Read more to find some tips on how to bring life and substance to your events:

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