Stay Positive All Year Long!

Stay Positive All Year Long!

We are all living in a world where drama, stress, and negativity are everywhere, it is indeed a challenge to get the positive vibe and stay positive all year long. It seems like complaining over small issues and being negative is normal in our daily life. But here are some ways where you can avoid all the negativity and be positive throughout 2016!


#1 Reduce negative networking

Let’s just try to recall when was the last time you had a positive conversation with people while trying to start a conversation during networking? Because I think it is very common where people will usually start the conversation by talking about negative topic, in order to find something to bond and get along well. Never afraid to speak out positive things, and spread the positive vibes! If anyone trying to approach you by talking negative topics, politely disagree with them and move on with a positive topic. Be the type of person you would like to communicate with, because no one likes negative freak!


#2 Compliments over Critiques

Compliment, Compliment, Compliment! Because who doesn’t like compliment?! People usually take granted on people who worked so hard to achieve their goals by criticise them even though they did a great job. It is not wrong to criticise but sometimes, over criticizing can bring a negative impact on people’s life. However, we can achieve a better world by giving compliments to people, and appreciate their existence and also their hard work. Because by receiving compliments can spread the positive vibes to yourself and also people around you!


#3 Love yourself

Not giving yourself enough love by criticizing yourself can be the worst of all! After you are done with a project or an event or anything you do, and when you receive a complain from this one specific person, you will spend most of your time focusing on the complain. But always remember that we can’t please everyone because we are not born to be perfect. If you make a mistake, instead of punish yourself, you should accept it and learn from it! Don’t let that one rotten banana ruin your day! Always remember that you are amazing in everything you do and it is okay to not be perfect in everything you do.


#4 Stay away from negative influences

Negativity can come from anywhere, from our clients, our friends, and even people in the same industry. One of the hardest decision to make is to let go of a difficult clients, where they started to become demanding and thrives on tight deadlines, or they may be rude and unprofessional. It is important to have a clear mind when evaluating whether it’s time to let a client go. Always remember that negative influences can be a serious damage in our work and also our health. Get rid of all the negative influences in order to achieve a healthy and positive lifestyle.


#5 Make time for yourself

Above of all, you are the key of being positive. When we make time for ourselves and make it balanced between work and everything else, we feel happier and more positive! Working can really drives you crazy sometimes, but it is okay for you to take a break once in awhile. Do something you enjoy, hang out with your friends, families, and just do anything you enjoy doing! The most important thing in life is to be happy, because if you are happy, you will automatically spread the positive vibes all around you!


Being positive starts with you, remember not to be too hard on yourself and enjoy every little things in life! May you have a good year ahead! 🙂

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