• baZaar:Automate your Booking Process

      baZaar is a reservation system designed to automate the process of selling of booths, spaces or tables in any Event and Exhibition Management or any similar businesses. This system helps any business that runs on the operational activities in renting or selling their spaces in the effective and efficient management. With 3 simple steps:  Select…

  • Get Evenesis for FREE!

    Subscribe to Evenesis and get the full reimbursement of your subscription. Your company can now enjoy FREE trial of Evenesis that worth RM1000! But how?  Through the SME Cloud Computing Adoption Programme by MDec, all eligible SME companies will be given financial incentive. This incentive is given for them to use any qualified Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions from any MSC Malaysia Status…

  • Design Your Event to Create Picture Perfect Moments

    Event planning incorporates a variety of elements that also include creating an aesthetically appealing atmosphere. Look at your event critically, from the perspective of attendees as they walk in through the door, up until they leave. What can they see that attracts them?

  • PR Skills: Communicate Your Way To A Successful Event Management Career

    Event management industry is a fast changing and dynamic field and requires its workers to be innovative and versatile in their approach of managing events. The industry demands the mangers to be multi skilled and one of the most important talents it looks out for is good prowess in communication and Public Relations. Any event manager’s primary job is to understand the client and be in constant contact with him. Good PR skills can differentiate you and your event company from the many others in the field as it creates a direct impact on the client.

  • Evenesis Public Training in May

    Are you an Evenesis user? Do you have problem to manage your guest lists and handle thousands of attending guests? Not to worry! We will have our Public Training this Thursday, 23 May 2013, at our office and its FREE! It is opened to our existing clients and those who are interested to use Evenesis….

  • Promotion – Sepang International Circuit

    The Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is more than a place for motor-racing and all kinds of events can be held away from the hustle and bustle of city life. SIC Manager Corporate Business Acquisition, Arvin Randahwa said from the F1 track that could seat 130,000, the race circuit was a good choice for all kind…

  • Introducing the New Import Contact by Group in Evenesis

    We are always trying to make Evenesis faster and easier to use, so we are introducing our new feature in evenGuest. Faster How many times you need to check on the N/A guest list before upload them to the created group? The new import contact with group feature will help users to specify the contacts…

  • How To Organize A Successful Trade Show

    Organizing a trade show is seemingly an overwhelming task. It is a challenging task even for the seasoned event management professional. Even if you have organized a trade show in the past, read this article for a quick review of all you have to do for a successful trade show.

    As the show organizer, you need to choose the venue, negotiate numerous contracts and make travel and hotel arrangements too. You also have to organize the exhibition services, promote your event to potential vendors and plan and implement the innumerable details that form the logistics of the event.

  • Event Planning In The Cloud

    Event planning today is so much simpler! Who would have thought that cloud computing would one day come in handy for event planners? Surprisingly, cloud services like Dropbox can actually be used by event planners in more ways than one!

    As an event planner looking to successfully manage an event, you have the need of organizing tasks properly. For good event management, an event manager should look at all the details carefully. There would be lots of lists to make and plenty of assumptions and calculations to be done.

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