• Choose to Become a Responsible Event Planner

    Responsible event planners generally reflect the generic principles reflected by their organizations. I would like to share some of my insights garnered from personal experiences as an event planner through the years and can be applicable to any organization.

  • Evenesis HobNob 2013 – A Success! We Thanked our Guests

    Evenesis HobNob 2013 is planned to initiate a paradigm change among individuals and organization about technology adoption in business execution, marketing and event planning and management. From the latest technology to the most sophisticated one, Evenesis HobNob will take participants to experience success story and introductory to the latest technology that will help to boost…

  • Startup Asia 2013 in Perspective

    Here are some of my thoughts with regards to the trip. Some may be concerning the event itself, some may be concerning us. My opinions are obviously not impartial. So do take them for what they are, just opinions. Location was good. Their preparedness for the event was also good. We got everything we needed…

  • 5 Ways to Save Money for Corporate Event Planning

    With the economy still on the downturn, you may end up with a smaller budget while planning the next corporate event. The competitive corporate environment has no room for underperforming. How will you manage organizing a successful event with a limited budget? Read on to discover some clever ways event management with limited funds.

  • “filter out your guests’ status” #Evenesis-Tips

    Are you having problem to sort out thousand lists of your guest’s status? There are so many things to be done manually? No worries, Evenesis can help you. Just click on the drop down box “view all guest” and choose your guest’s status. Here, you can simply filter out the attendees’ and invitations’ status. This…

  • Reduce your Event Planning Stress

    Planning and organizing events is quite stressful. Event management has recently been included among the ten top most stressful jobs. The techniques discussed in this article will help you work increasingly efficiently and get necessary relief from event planning stress.

  • Are RSVPs, venue management and budgeting bogging you down?

    Are RSVPs, venue management and budgeting bogging you down? Planning a road show and countless tasks to handle? Looking for a solution that can help you to save your time in managing your registration list for your event? Look no more! Evenesis can do that for you. Evenesis, the most sought after event planning solution in Malaysia and the entire region. Name us your event – Training, Seminar, Gala Dinner, Press Conference, Awards Night and lots more. Evenesis has it all for you. Read more for more info.

  • Events Near You – April 2013

    Checkout these awesome events near you. We know that there is a lot of good vibes out there talking about many events happening in your local area. We would definitely like to know more about the events, so we could share them on our blog. So if you could be kindly enough to share about these interesting events with us, please write to contactus@evenesis.com. Our team will read through your email and event description. If the event is wacky and interesting, definitely it will have a place on our blog. And we will feature its writer too!

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