• Things To Remember While Planning A Social Campaign

    The extent of event management is not limited to organizing parties and weddings rather it stretches to organizing events for humanitarian causes. A lot of event companies and planners help non-governmental organizations to host social campaigns and events. These campaigns are however more challenging to put together. To ease the procedure here are a few dos and don’ts that the event organizers should follow:

  • Y Us Sdn Bhd Anniversary

    For the past 3 years, millions of strategies have been carried out by Evenesis’s founder, Yusno and his team. We had our anniversary celebration at our founder’s crib and it was really fun! Alhamdulillah Evenesis is still standing proudly until today and we pray that Evenesis can continue to help more event organizers in the future in managing their events. Also to all Evenesis users, we humbly thank you for your continuous support.

  • “Quick Add” #Evenesis Tips

    Do you know that you can just use the “Quick Add” button in ManageGuest feature to add your guests details? Just insert the Name, Email and Number Phone and they will be saved in the system! This can be applied efficiently on the day of the event and when you have a stack of business cards waiting to be keyed in!

  • Evenesis Free Public Training is back!

    Yeah! We will have our Public Training on this 21st February and its FREE! We are opening this training to all our existing clients and those who are interested to use Evenesis. Come and join us! Throw out questions and confusion to our Evenesis Jedi. We do our best to coach you on how to use our system till you become the master of Evenesis.

  • Reaching Out to Good Events News

    We know that there is a lot of good vibes out there talking about many events happening in your local area. We would definitely like to know more about the events, so we could share them on our blog. So if you could be kindly enough to share about these interesting events with us, please write to contactus@evenesis.com. Our team will read through your email and event description. If the event is wacky and interesting, definitely it will have a place on our blog. And we will feature its writer too!

  • Financing and Managing Your Event – The Must Knows

    Managing an event, sounds simple, doesn’t it? Truth is, it can be one of the most challenging things to do in life.

    Believe it or not, unless events are organized with proper planning, things can go wrong at any stage. Event planning starts from the very beginning. The first headache is to arrange finance. How do you decide on the finance for the event? What if you do manage to get an estimate of the money that is needed but it turns out that you are short of finances? You would have to look out for sponsors for the event then. Here are some must knows which will help you organize an event:

  • Increasing Visibility Through Google Plus

    Are you wondering if you can use Google plus to boost your site’s visibility in search engines? Then the answer is yes! Just like Facebook, you can actually use Google Plus to improve your visibility. If you are an event planner looking for some event management solutions, then Google Plus can help too.

    Understandably, Google Plus has not caught on the fad that Facebook has but that should not take you away from using Google Plus. The reason is simple- internet today is made up of many things ‘Google’. Whether you are searching through Google’s search engine or using Google’s Gmail or using Google’s Scholar Search, chances are you would be linked with Google at some place or the other. Most users have a Google account even if they do not actually access Google plus.

  • How To Effectively Find And Connect With Influential People In Social Media

    Networking is the nutrient that keeps businesses growing. Regardless of any business, the fastest way to build a client list is through networking either by recommendations or reputation. If we ask ourselves, how do we get a good source to network from? Traditionally we will say through friends and family. The word “viral” comes from a medical meaning “to spread uncontrollably.” We see it often used on the internet and in virtual statistic reports in relation to content and information. We live, work and even sleep in a virtual world in the 21st century.

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