• Staff Management: The Key to Successful Event Management

    One of the most pivotal factors for effective functioning of an event management company is cohesive and productive working of the staff members. It is important for the event manager to use his staff in the right direction to successfully carry out an event. The weight of staff management is escalated significantly in the event management industry. Efficient staff management can get an event company to deliver to their potential. It will contribute to the success in the events and also cement the foundations of the organization for further events. Following are some tips to maintain the right atmosphere in the company and manage the staff well.

  • Using Celebrity Association With An Event As An Effective Marketing Strategy

    Celebrities brandishing products has been a common phenomenon in the brand advertising industry but this method is also frequently used to propagate events. Associating celebrities to popularize events is seen as an effective marketing strategy by a lot of people. However, how worthwhile is spending exalted amounts of money to get celebrities to an event is debatable. Thus understanding the needs of an event is imperative to weigh the investment in a celebrity.

  • How To Organize A Successful Event For Children

    Orchestrating an event for children can be a tedious task as it entails a lot of thinking and planning. Dealing with kids is fun but at the same time requires patience and creativity. The ideas to organize a children’s event can be laid out in an array of themes and activities but there are few tips which if adhered to can guarantee your endeavour as a total success.

  • 5 Things That Can Give Edge to Your Event over the Others

    With the recent jump start of the 2013, we have seen several New Year’s celebrations across the globe. A myriad of parties and events are being hosted at several venues to revel the new beginning. It is the season for the event planners to come up with their creativity and host events that can draw maximum people. However, this becomes a difficult task if there is an event happening in every block. It creates confusion amongst the invitees and causes problems for the event organizers in gathering people. Thus in the extreme competition it is important to give your event the extra push that makes it more attractive than others gathering the much wanted attention and attendees. Here are five tips that can give your event the icing on the cake.

  • Evenesis HobNob A Success!

    Few weeks ago before the new year’s celebration, we just had our 1st HobNob event at Plug & Play, The Gardens. People from M.I.C.E. industries and Corporate Comm people were gathered at Plug & Play to play some games, get free movie vouchers and some shopping coupons from us. All in all, the event was a success and we are looking forward for the next HobNob in March!

  • New Year 2013 Celebrations Around The World

    Our wishes for you are not limited to just this year but to all the years that you experience in your lifetime! Have a Fun-filled, Smashing, Rocking And Happening New Year! Checkout these awesome new year celebrations around the world.

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