• Get Reimbursement Up to RM1500 When You Subscribe to Evenesis

    Yes that right, full reimbursement up to RM1500 when you subscribe to Evenesis. Through SME Cloud Computing Adoption Programme by MDec, eligible SMEs will be giving financial incentive to used any qualified Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions from any MSC Malaysia Status Companies.

    Interested SMEs can click a link below to download form which also contain info-pack about this programme. Just fill it up and prepare the relevant docs. Call us at +603 8992 3000 and we’ll come and collect and submit on your behalf to MDeC. Furthermore, SMEs who refer and get another 10 other SMEs to sign up, the company will receive an iPad2 or Samsung Tab for free!

  • How To Minimize Your Event Cost To Minimal

    How many of us would not enjoy hosting a big lavish event, be it for our own personal celebration or a company event. But the big crunch comes when it is time to pay the bill. Off course we try to make our events as awesome as possible but without having to shell out tens and thousands of ringgit just to get it done, so how do we keep the cost down to a minimum without compromising on the impact we want to create and have?

    First of all, during your event planning stage decide on the amount you are wiling to spend in hosting your event. To get a fair idea on how much an event would cost, you can get a rough estimate from event companies on a no obligation basis. Check out the event management application by Evenesis while you are at it. There is a nifty little function that helps you generate a cost maintenance list. Get an indication of a basic minimum that you need to set aside, bearing in mind that the more items and programs you add, the more the price will increase.

  • Securing Good Sponsors For Your Events – What You Need To Know

    “What is so special about your company/product/brand that I or we should shell out costs to sponsor you?” That is the first and utmost logical question anyone would ask if you are approaching them for an event sponsorship. So better be prepared with a very good answer and presentation sheet to convince them.

    Sponsorship for an event can be in the form of goods, services, food and beverage, print-out materials, banners, décor or even a venue in the ultimate case. Workout a list of what you think you would like to have sponsored to offset your event management costs. Make a wish list of items you feel you are able to persuade companies or individuals to sponsor you for. Pick a special niche in your event that you would like to highlight, giving you the edge over others who have or had approached your target sponsors before. The more special and unique your event, the higher the chance of confirmed sponsorship.

  • How to Choose Suitable Color Theme for Your Events

    We all can’t live without color in our lives, more so when we need to make an impact during an event. Holding an event is basically on a short term so it is important for us to make the right impression that will in all cases remain in the minds of people we come into contact with, or to attract visitors to our event.

    Every event organizer will try to synergize lighting, sound system, décor and color to their best possible impact but the key to all this is color. You just might wreck your whole event if the color scheme is way off mark, unless off course if your intentions are to be notorious with a riot of mismatched colors! So how do you go about choosing the right color scheme for that special event?

  • Evolving From Expertise, Moving Towards Excellence

    As the old cliché goes, “actions speak louder than words”. Evenesis acted upon a need to make event management a more organized, efficient, automated, simple, and enjoyable task. A brainchild of a couple of technopreneurs headed by Yusno Yunos of Y Us Sdn. Bhd, Evenesis was built from the solid vision of using digital computer technology in making event task management an easier and more rewarding experience.

    And as they say, good news, and in this case, a word on great service, spreads like wildfire. Evenesis’ expertise must have caught the attention of the NEF-Awani ICT Awards, a prestigious “awards concept introduced to give recognition to deserving companies via an integrated media platform”. To date, Evenesis is one of the Top 3 finalists for the BEST SOFTWARE and BEST STARTUP COMPANY categories in the NEF-Awani ICT Awards 2011.

  • Following The “Don’ts” Of Events Management

    Organizing an event is like building a bridge. It should be steady, stable and consistent from the start till the end. If a single nut or bolt is out of place, chances are, the bridge will collapse. An event is made of a series or a sequence of activities. Should there be a weak link in the chain of activities, the succeeding activities will be affected and could spell disaster in the end.

    Event organizing comprises a long list of “to-do’s”. In order to prepare and psych yourself up with the “do’s”, it would also help to call your attention towards the ‘not-to-do’s or the “don’t’s” of events management:

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