• Emphasizing The Basics In The Thailand MICE International Forum 2012

    Multiple tourism events are held in every country annually but what is the element that makes such an event stand out from others in the industry? Take for example the TMIF 2012 event held in Bangkok, Thailand . MICE events are considered huge events in the tourism sector and the dollar and sense generator for…

  • How To Build Your Event Business Visibility?

    The term “visual” incorporates more than just images for people to notice you. It doesn’t mean just posting loads of photos and images on your sites. Rather, “visual” means a combination of images, content and reputation that will bring you to the forefront of your chosen field. New and inexperienced event management companies will have a more challenging time getting noticed in the business compared to their more advanced counterparts. They will have to dig deep into their accumulated experiences, build a track record and convince clients of their reliability. A neat little trick to overcome this is to combine the individual experiences rather than that of the event company as a whole. Create an informative profile that offers a few niche event management solutions. Get the backing of reputable suppliers or endorsements on personal capabilities from other business entities who now you. Create a social site page and start building a fan following. Create a blog forum to talk and share ideas on event solutions that you are familiar with and build an authoritative voice in the industry.

  • The Power Of Social Media Events In Reputation Branding

    Coca Cola uses it, Nike uses it and even Dunkin Donut uses it..So why not you? We are talking about social media, the hottest entities on the World Wide Web. The largest social network currently trending in the market is Facebook. There is a saying that if you are not on Facebook, you are not connected to the world. Everyone is now jumping into the social networks including the boy next door business, hoping to get a piece of the business pie.

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