• 7 Things I Learned While Attending BFM Entreprise Breakaway 2012

    This was my 1st time participating in such an event. Truth to be told, I was expecting quite an uptight session similar to corporate meetings. I thought that they may be as distant as politicians behind TV screens.

    Lo & behold, they turned out to be our everyday you and I.

    And this is crucial in the establishment of a healthy ‘Entrepreneur Ecosystem’. For those who are involved in one, it becomes a defining factor to the success of their venture. What is offered is more than angel investors to help with the start-ups, it is the soft support which every start-up business would die to have. It comprises of mentors & networks which are vital to the survival of any businesses which want to survive past 4 years (A daunting fact: 56% of businesses fail within the 1st 4 years of business in Malaysia).

    And having at least a dozen of speakers who were willing to share their experiences, this set foot to the foundation laying of such an ecosystem which I believe BFM is pioneering. Success is to be shared, not kept. Now let’s take a look at what struck me most:

  • How To Prepare Conference Content That Will Attract More Attendees

    With so many seminars and conferences out in the market today as well as cost cutting on budgets for travel, how will your conference event be able to attract attendees for a successful event? Conference events are mostly attended by people in business related industries, associations or even government and NGOs. A conference can be targeted at no less than 800 to 2000 attendees but the success in attendance depends primarily on the content in the agenda or program. Event management companies have it tough to keep content fresh and interesting for optimum attendance at their conferences.

  • Hosting a Webinar Event

    Lately there has been a lot of hype about webinars but what exactly is a webinar? For those of us who are not that tech savvy, a webinar is very similar to a conference only that it is held via the internet. The name webinar is a derivative of the word “web” and “seminar”. A webinar has the potential for large conferences that can reach out to audiences who are not able to attend in person, business presentations and even tutorials. These web-based conferences are very interactive; allowing for live question and answer sessions, chats as well as polling. All the audience will need is a computer and an internet connection. Many event Malaysia companies are now catching on to this trend of conferencing as an addition to their list of services.

  • Automation And Reducing Your Workload In Event Management

    There are many facets to a typical day in event management, starting from the marketing stage, client confirmation and changes to designs, preparation setups, dealing with vendors and suppliers, audio and visual setups, premiums and stationery as well as the actual day of operation. All these mean that you are constantly dealing with people, paperwork and site management. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you have an event management solution that can cut your workload in at least half so that you have more time to focus on other aspects of the business without the need to hire too many people just to manage especially the paperwork?

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