• Post Event Performance Evaluation

    All event management companies look forward to a great finish and the success of their events depends on the methods, techniques and style employed to bring the event to a grand finale. So what happens once an event is over? Off course you would like to know how the company performed on the whole, were the clients happy with your hosting of the event, were there any complaints and so forth. The event organiser will have to make a self analysis on all the critical components necessary to improve future performances. The continuation of improvement should be a goal factor for any event company worth their reputation. In order to start, you will have to at the very least have a clear and organized direction of your current position which then becomes your base measurement for future event performances.

  • How To Become A Successful Event Organizer – Evenesis

    In recent years, the competition in the event planning industry has increased due to the rising demands from the corporate and private sectors. However, you can always use your abilities, expertise and experience to thrive in such a competitive environment. Successful event organizers never fear the competition; instead, they focus on ways to improve their skills. With experience, you can polish your event management skills and gain the creativity required to prosper in this career.

  • Strategic Considerations To Gather A Larger Audience At Your Events

    Success of a marketing campaign depends on the response of your target audience. For any professional event planner, convincing the audience is a top priority to deliver a successful event. They achieve this by drawing a larger audience to witness the event so that their clients get to sell their products and services in greater numbers. However, event management to capture a big crowd requires advanced strategic considerations that are different from those required to deliver a small-scale event. Therefore you should mold your event planning skills accordingly, to successfully draw a big crowd to your event.

  • Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

    Selamat Hari Raya! We at Evenesis are still dizzy from having too much of ketupat and rendang during the Hari Raya holiday. We hope everyone has just settled down and start to work as usual in the office. We also notice that our inbox are piled up with many invitations for Aidilfitri Open House treats. Thank you so much for the invitation, we surely be there where all the great camaraderie and food are abundance. But don’t forget to use our solution Evenesis to plan for your upcoming Aidilfitri Open House, ya?

  • Proven Tips To Ease Your Event Management Career

    The event management industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Although the number of event organizers emerging in this industry is on the rise, the job itself is quite demanding. For this reason, new event solutions are being introduced to help the professionals ease through their event management career.

  • Evenesis Tutorials For You

    Our team has been listening to your request on having an online HOW TO tutorials that could get you get started with Evenesis quickly. We’ve created 7 tutorials (Level 0 to Level 6) ranging from steps to sign up, create an event, and manage your guests to guides on designing your floor plan. assigning your guests to seats and creating surveys. Check them out here – http://j.mp/evenesis-videos

  • We Support Lee Chong Wei too!

    In the spirit of Olympic and feeling patriotic, we at Evenesis support our very own hero, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei for his participation in the Badminton single event. His determination and his tireless effort to defeat Lin Dan from China in the final round of Badminton Men single, however, dashed by the winning of Lin Dan in the rubber game. We feel saddened by the tweet of Dato Lee of saying sorry he could not bring home gold again this time. Don’t worry Dato’, you have won our hearts by giving all you have in that thrilling and nerve-wrecking game. We wish you all the best for your retirement from badminton game.

  • Evenesis wishes you ‘Selamat Berbuka Puasa’

    It seems that we are at the midst of Ramadhan, a holy month for Muslims around the world to observe the fasting ritual from dawn to dusk for one whole month. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims around the world, Happy Fasting, and may your deeds during this religious month be multiplied bountifully. We also understand that this month is also a busy month bursting with many ‘Buka Puasa’ events everywhere here in Malaysia. Well, we only have one advice – Take care of your tummies for ‘berbuka puasa’ and the tummies will take care of your health.

  • Themed Events for a Convincing Campaign

    Marketing campaigns are all about convincing the target audience. The response of the crowd present or somehow involved in the campaign determines its success. Companies hire event management experts who can organize events that successfully convey their messages to the target audience. That’s because event managers have the expertise required to achieve the desired results from marketing campaigns and promotional events. One of these expertise involve themes that help convince the audience at events and campaigns.

  • How to Attract your Target Audience for a Successful Event Campaign

    Often, the purpose of a campaign is to capture a large audience to increase productivity. Clients usually hold campaigns to attract existing and prospective clients to sell products or to make important business deals. However, this is easier said than done. For this reason, clients hire experienced event management experts who know exactly how to convey their messages to a wider audience. This helps the clients to successfully convince the audience according to their requirements. You can achieve these goals with little efforts if the event management solutions are implemented properly.

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