• How To Look For Opportunities In Organizing Events

    Once you are an event organizer, you would most probably have a permanent team and staff employed under you. How would you ensure that your year of business in event organizing is well laid out with secured work to keep your employees busy and paid throughout? This is a tough question to answer and would depend on you to spot opportunities in advance and along the way as well as having great negotiation skills to secure the contracts or projects ahead of time. It also means that sometimes you may have to be creative to propose ideas to your clients during the lean months to keep things going.

  • What To Look Out For When Selecting A Vendor Or Supplier In Event Management

    One of the important points behind every successful event is the reliability of your vendors and suppliers. The last thing you want in any event is a vendor or supplier that fails to meet their delivery dateline! So how do you go about building your list of reliable and efficient vendors and suppliers? Here are a few industry standards that you can use in your selection of reliable vendors and suppliers. Remember that one of the points to keeping a good relationship with them is to be a good paymaster. There are a few points below that are fairly important in your selection criteria.

  • Getting Your Team Organized in Event Management

    Well, you have successfully secured a great event. You have gone through the part of convincing the client about your successes in holding great events and managed to get the prized contract. Securing the contract is only the beginning of a big and stressful headache if you actually have bad organizing skills!

    Once you have secured the contract you will be involved with the event planning and event management stages. This means that you will have to work with set up crews, suppliers and vendors, venue owners, food and beverage serving teams etc. All these people will be considered your team. Here you will need to be very skillful with people management methods. It is also a very stressful time especially when the event date draws near.

  • Maintaining Good Relationship Between Client and Organizer in Organizing an Event

    Event organizing, like any other business requires contact and communication with the client. This is more apparent for event organizers as a big part of the business involves understanding the client requirement, communicating ideas, visualization and execution of ideas. There is a lot of people contact in this line of business as well as stages to getting things done. Creating a successful event is dependent on how well you have managed your interpersonal skills with the client as well as the team and people around you.

  • Making Use of Your Design Skills in Event Management

    So you have decided on a career as an event management consultant and organizer. A very exciting career choice with plenty of opportunity for you to interact with a huge cross section of people and companies. However, in order to succeed in this field of work, you would have to possess certain skills and organizational capabilities. Experience is another important criteria. The more experience and skills you have, the better your prospects.

  • How to Notify Your Guest About an Event

    The event date is set, you have the theme, setup and all preliminary works nailed down to the core. What do you do about the guest list? Simple as it may seem, there are protocols to adhere too, wording for the invitation cards, RSVP, seating arrangements. All these need to be organized too. Knowing which step to take first and how to inform the guest is an art in itself. It could be for a happy occasion, a product launch, convention or a networking session.

  • Avoiding Potential Problems In Organizing an Event

    The nitty gritty of hosting an event! Potential and unforeseeable problems that can crop up at the last minute! A great set back to any event planning and can sometimes be disastrous. What are the common pitfalls that are most likely to happen? How can you minimize this and prevent it from happening?

  • Going Hi-Tech with Event Management

    Running an event management company or planning to open one? Those who are involved in event management will know how much preparation is required prior to an event. The massive amount of work and organizing can sometimes be too much to handle. There are many stages to the completion of an event. From the planning, set up, vendors to deal with all the way to the event day itself. The traditional way of handling all these stages would be by pen and paper. That would be a ton of paperwork, documents and instructions being misplaced as well as poor communication. All these can lead to delays and problems along the way.

  • Keeping Your Events Customers Coming Back For More

    Want to make a great impression in your events and get a reputation for being one of the great organizers? This is not an easy feat but one that can be built step by step, slowly and surely. As they say “Rome was not built in a day”. So how do you keep your customers coming back for more?

    The key to great and successful events is in organizing skills and creativity. Having a good design team and execution team is only part of the success story. Client interaction and keeping organized so that things do not go wrong is as much an art form requiring great skills in management and interposal client relationships. Every event requires massive event planning stages and communication. Relaying the information on time and getting things done within stipulated time frames is a crucial aspect.

  • Managing Your First Event

    Congratulations! You have successfully acquired your first event. Before you pop that champagne bottle or feel totally out of this world, have you considered your next step? The field of event management involves a lot of back-end activities and preparations before the actual event date. Getting all these things organized and prepared requires good management skills and a lot of creativity.

    As it is your first secured order, you would most naturally want to deliver the best and make an impression. This is where your skills in organizing and team work comes into play. Getting and keeping this organized is no mere feat, there are a lot of stages to look into such as catering, vendors list, delivery dates and financial matters among others.

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