• Evenesis featured in Corporate Events Magazine!

    Thanks to Corporate Events Magazine team, we were featured in their latest March- April issues. Here the excerpt of the article!

    Change is inevitable and in the fast pace digital era in which we are living today, the demand to fulfil the various niche based services is constantly increasing. In order to remain relevant, it is important to find the solutions based on the needs of the market’s insatiable hunger for continuous technology improvements. Realising a void in the use of technology in events management, Yusno Yunos, the Chief Executive Officer of Y Us SdnBhd had put out together a small team of developers to turn his events management software into reality. The result is the birth of the end-to-end on the cloud events management application named Evenesis.

    Evenesis was devised as an application which allows the transfer and exchange of ideas and knowledge in events management to be made effectively and efficiently.The system allows event planners to record the details of past and on-going events – ranging from the list of menus, caterers and guest list system to floor designs and surveys – for easy reference. This wealth of information is presented in an ever-growing variety of templates in the system which could be tailor-made to the specifics of the events and clients’ requirements. In short, Evenesis aims to become a hub for events management system and solutions without compromising a planner’s creativity and innovation.

  • The Important of Post Event Feedback and How To Do It Right

    Post-Event Feedback & Evaluation: Why It Is Important And How To Do It Right

    How do we know if an event has been carried out successfully and that it has made the right impact? Do we know when everyone who attended has come away feeling what we want them to feel? Was everything running smoothly without a hitch? This is where the post mortem at the end of an event is indicative if you have performed greatly or poorly as an event organizer.

    Post-event feedback is important to any event planner or organizer. Why? Because it provides the reality check of what went right or what went wrong during the event. Keeping track of feedback is important to progressively improve in the field of event management. It is how reputations are built or destroyed in this competitive field. Only by feedbacks and evaluations will you be able to see where rooms for improvements are required. Therefore improving your part of customer service. It also indicates what your customer’s expectations were and did they feel that you did a great job and they will hire you again.

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