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    Different Categories of Events

    Thinking of going into and dreaming of organizing your first event? You will first have to decide how familiar you are with event organizing. Have you done it before and did you enjoy doing it? What type of event organizing field you would like to be involved in? What is actually event planning and which category you would like to be involved in?

    Deciding on the category of events that you would like to delve into, you would need to know your experience level. You would have to distinguish your area of speciality. You would also have to consider the business prospect of the event type you are considering and is it in demand. Once you have that worked out, focus on a particular core competency. Decide on what you can or cannot do and will you have the supporting team to manage what you are not able to do.

  • Asian Business Angel Forum 2012 (ABAF)

    Asian Business Angel Forum 2012 (ABAF) is Asia’s premier angel gathering and conference for emerging and growing businesses. It represents a rare opportunity to meet, experience, interact and learn from some of the best minds in academia, business, entrepreneurship and investment circles from around the world.

    This eventis organized by (CRADLE), an agency under the Ministry of Finance (MOF) that manages the Cradle Investment Programme, Malaysia first development and technology commercialization funding programme, and the Virtuous Investment Circle (ViC), an independent not-for-profit angel investment group. Evenesis is the Event Management Software partner for this event. Evenesis team was also selected to pitch to several angel investors during the event.

  • Specialised Marketing Mission on ICT to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    On 23rd May to 26th May 2012, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) in collaboration with Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and supported by the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM) organized a Specialised Marketing Mission on ICT to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The objectives are:

    To explore opportunities for collaboration between Malaysian and Vietnamese Companies in the ICT software and related service.
    To promote export of Malaysian ICT software and services to Vietnam
    To strengthen business networks between Malaysia and Vietnam
    To familiarize the Malaysian ICT companies with the business environment in Vietnam
    To leverage on the high growth of Vietnamese market
    Evenesis is one of the business delegates in this trade mission. Evenesis purpose was to search for local partners, distributors and clients in Vietnam.

  • Sourcing and Organizing Your Vendors Lists

    Great news! You secured yourself an event! Now, what do you do about getting organized? You have all your other things worked out. You know how to execute the event BUT what about your suppliers and vendors? There are so many items to consider before sourcing and selecting your suppliers and vendors. Among some of the issues are budget constraint, style, specialized items and your setup crew. Yes the last item falls in the same category as your vendors!

    Make a list of what you require to organize the event. There are normally a few staples such as food and beverage, stationary, sound system etc. If you have planned events before, you will probably have an existing list.If you are just starting out then you would have to search for your vendors from a few sources. This could be by recommendation or looking up the local yellow pages and the internet. It is a good practice and tip if you could get some of your vendors in place before you even have an event. This cuts down time sourcing when you have a dateline to your event.

  • How to Give Events a Personal Touch

    Everything being as commercialized as it is today, event organizing is no different. Everything is matter of fact and professional. Everyone integrates like polished clock work. Lost in the world of professionalism is the element of a personal touch. True there are different types of events, some impersonal and some very much requiring the individual attention. However, clients being clients, always feel that they are special when the organizer pays close attention to them. So how do you give every event you organize a personal touch?

  • Simplify Your Event Management & Planning Activities With Event Management System

    Hello SMEs and friends of Y Us Sdn Bhd, come and join us for another networking session, this time organized by Y Us Sdn Bhd.

    During the networking session, Yusno, the visionary CEO of Y Us Sdn Bhd Will be introducing to you Evenesis, a cleaver system that can assist current event managers with many of its interesting features. The system itself not only can ease event mangers work but also can enhance their work performance. This cost effective solution would solve the issue of standardization of event handling processes using an internet tool that is available to the mass. Read more to find out more.

  • Tips On Choosing The Perfect Style And Looks When Attending Events

    It is said that how we look on the outside is how we feel on the inside. Our personality is also reflected in the way we dress for occasions. Our attire is an expression and extension of our lifestyle. When we attend functions or events, what we wear is a reflection of our professionalism. Having the right wardrobe is in itself an image building and branding strategy. It is just as important and similar to other business plans and developments. So how do we go about selecting that perfect look and attire when we need to attend an important event?

    Every event or function is different. First of all, look at the theme of the event. Is there a dress code? Will you be attending the event alone or with someone else? Sometimes the dress code is indicated in the invitation or RSVP card. An event can be casual, a Black Tie affair, a Business event, a themed event or even a celebrative event.

  • Evenesis at SME BizFest™

    SME BizFest™ 2012 is an annual event organized by Telekom Malaysia. The event offers the best and innovative ICT solution from TM and notable partners to their exist- ed clients. Y Us Sdn. Bhd. had been selected as one of their elite partners for the event. The 2-day event which was initially held in Johor Bahru on 11 May 2012 and followed by Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur on 18 May 2012.

    On 12 May 2012, Y Us Sdn. Bhd. was invited to join TM-SME-Bizz Apps Store Launching. The event was launched by Dato’ Sri Zamzairani Mohd Isa, through holo- gram and the official announcement was made by En. Azizi A. Hadi. One of the ma- jor activities that had bee connducted during the launching was booth-to-booth visiting by En. Azizi, TM Team, and media. The event was later continued at Sunway Pyramid on 18 and 19 May 2012. It was a great opportunity for Evenesis to collaborate with TM as their elite partner.

  • Keeping Track of Your Event Plans

    Thinking of becoming an event planner or you already are? Being an event planner entails a gazillion task at hand and managing those tasks are no easy matter! The success of your events depend on your organization skills. Which means keeping proper track of every minute tasks in detail.

    If you are new to event management or an old hand at the game, investing in an event management solution like event management software is a good option. There are so many different types available and selecting the one that suits you best is something to be considered. Whatever the event you are planning there are always common tasks or components and it is up to you as the event planner to bind all these tasks and components to create a great event. Here are some ideas on how you can start your event plans and keep track of it:

  • Evenesis – Official Event Management System for GoMobile 2012!

    On 10th May 2012 (Thursday), Evenesis had become as the Official Event Management Software Partner to GoMobile Conference and Exhibition at The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur. The event focused on making mobile central in your strategies. It brought together businessmen, entrepreneurs and senior ex- ecutives from diverse industries for a one day top level briefing…

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