• Learn How To Revive and Bring Life and Substance to Your Events

    Day 1 Opening day of event: A full house! You rejoice at the overwhelming attendance. After the coffee break, you see some vacant seats. You just say to yourself, “hmmm…maybe it just takes then a while to get some coffee..”. However, as the event progresses, people seem to get restless. You could hear their mindless chatter within earshot. Some take restroom breaks one time too often. Some walk out then never come back. And some just sit quietly, you heave a sigh of relief, until you looked again, they’ve dozed off to sleep.

    You ask yourself, “what have I done?” You just violated the event commandment: ‘Thou shall not kill your event attendees with boredom’ ! Read more to find some tips on how to bring life and substance to your events:

  • How To Choose The Right Venue and Facilities for Your Event

    In the real estate industry, it has been said that the three most important things that matter are location, location, location… In an event, there are three W’s — What, Where, and When. Let’s take cue from the real estate industry’s triple emphasis on the location or where an event will be held. Indeed, failure to secure the right venue and facilities for the event could result in a dismal flop or a mob of irate attendees. Here’s a road map on how to choose the right venue and facilities

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