Ways to Live Stream Your Events on YouTube


With the new technology in this modern era, a lot of things have been made possible which one couldn’t even think of in the past. One of such things is the live streaming of an event on YouTube. Sharing through You Tube is a superb way of sharing your event, be it a small party or a large conference, with the special people in your life who were unable to be a part of the event. You may need to undergo a specific process in order to live stream a video on YouTube, which is quite easy and simple to understand.

Becoming a YouTube partner

In order to live stream events, you need to become a partner with YouTube first as this will enable you to use YouTube Live. Since last April, every channel can become a partner in a jiffy. After completing this step, the channel should try to upload as many videos as possible and concentrate on growing their subscribers. You may not be able to start using YouTube immediately as YouTube has still not started live streaming for all it partners.

Run events for Non-profit organizations

You can find an easier and faster way of live streaming your events if your company organizes events for non-profit organizations. YouTube runs a non-profit program which provides the option of live streaming of not for profit events. However, to avail this facility, you should be based in Australia, USA, Canada or UK.

Getting the required equipments

You may need an on-site camera along with Wi-Fi internet connection to start with. You can then schedule and live stream the event on YouTube. Just follow some simple instructions and you can set up the video which is to be streamed. You can even manage the streaming easily and test if everything is working properly.

Google Hangouts on Air

If you are not a YouTube partner or do not run non-profit organizations, there is yet another way by which you can live stream your events. It is by using Google hangouts on air. Being simple and easy in nature, it does not have complex features like selection of encoding, live comments or stats on the channel. All you need to do is visit plus.google.com/hangouts and click the Start button which is situated on the top right side of your screen! In a few countries, the facility of multi-camera streaming is also being made available.


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